Google does not want you to donate to RunningAHEAD (Read 3014 times)

    I received the following email this morning from Google:

    Hello Eric,

    During our recent review, we found that the products or services on your
    website appear to violate the following Google Checkout content policies:

    - Unacceptable product category: Fund Solicitation

    As a result, your account has been suspended. You may not process any
    orders at this time. If applicable, any pending orders in your account
    have been canceled.

    Please note, Google Checkout does not allow solicitation of funds (i.e.
    requests for donations) is restricted unless the organization is
    registered as tax exempt.

    Your final payout will be initiated within two business days. However,
    your bank may take up to three additional business days to register the
    payout in your bank account. Please visit
    http://checkout.google.com/support/sell/bin/topic.py?hl=en&topic=8676 for
    more information on reviewing the details of your payouts in the Merchant

    If you choose to use Google Checkout for other products or services in
    compliance with our policies, please let us know so that we can review the
    status of your account.


    The Google Checkout Team

    I'm not sure what is the logic behind this policy.  I asked Google about it but they gave me generic reasons that don't explain much.  I treat the donations as income and pay taxes on them.  If the IRS is ok with it, why would Google (as a payment processing service) care?  I guess I'll be switching to PayPal.

    Princess Cancer Pants

      Huh...that's lame.  Really, if people want to give you money for something they value, what's it to them?  It's not like you are selling some sort of quackery and making false claims.  People willingly donate.  There is no pressure.  Makes no sense at all...

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        Change the button to something besides "donate".  A big part of google's issue is in the label itself.


        Just call it a subscription fee or something (I haven't thought much about this... but like how certain bands charge downloaders "whatever you are willing to pay" for their songs).


        When a new user has a question about whether they have to pay, or when, or how much, make that easy-to-locate info here.


        I do not know whether that will solve the issue, and maybe paypal is easier to deal with anyway, but I do know that's what got google's attention.


          I looked around at the terms of service and found this:

          Seller may only use the Service to process a Payment Transaction for a Product that is purchased by a Buyer through a legitimate, bona fide sale of the Product.

          The Service may not be used to process a Payment Transaction for Seller, or otherwise transfer money between a Buyer and Seller, that does not directly result from a Buyer's purchase of a Product


           (It goes on to talk about other usage, like tax-exempt, non-profit entities.)


           I wonder if the above focus on payment for Products has anything to do with potential auditing for sales tax.

          Princess Cancer Pants

            Why must a "product" be tangible?  Of all of the "products" I use for running, I could argue that RA is of the greatest value.

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            • Chemo

            • Chemo-Radiation

            • Surgery

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              I agree it's short sited on Google's part, but like you said Paypal is an alternative.  Is there a significant fee difference between the two?
                Sounds evil to me.


                  Maybe you could call it *paying a fine*  Smile


                  Running is stupid

                    Apple would never try and pull some bullshit like this--they are kind and benevolent.


                    I think you should move to iPay.

                    Runners run.



                      I like SRL's idea.  Another term you may want to use is "support."

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                        It's probably easiest just to go with PayPal since it allows donations.  Otherwise, since Google Check Out has already been suspended, you'll have to convince someone at Google that you are selling a data product (service) where some people pay and some do not.

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                          PayPal is easy.  I use it for my eBay biz.  There are fee's associated with that, but if you are sending money from one account to another there may not be a fee.   One does not need a PayPal account to make a payment to someone that does.

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                            It's probably about the same cost as eBay, but Amazon offers a similar service: Link Here

                            They have a Donations program too, but it requires 501(c) non-profit status like Google.


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                                I treat the donations as income and pay taxes on them.  If the IRS is ok with it, why would Google (as a payment processing service) care?  I guess I'll be switching to PayPal.

                               So, please let us know when this is straightened out and I will: either donate, grant, bestow, support, provide, distribute, give, transfer, confer, impart, present, award, dispense, subsidize, contribute, hand out, dole out, hand over, deliver, shell out, fork over, or kick in - et al infinitum and ad nauseum...

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                                paypal works great for me please let me know when you change
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