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My dogs are fast, not me

    OK. Here's the situation. I have signed up for the Memphis Track Club's Winter Cross Country Race Series. It's a 3K, 5K, 8K, and 10K over the next six weeks. The 3K is Sunday at 2:00 pm. This time of day and short distance throws a kink into my training since I normally do my long run on Sundays. I thought about doing my long run on Saturday, but then figured I'd be too tired on Sunday and since it's such a short distance, I really want to feel fresh so I can maintain a decent pace. So, I told my boss I have a drs. appointment tomorrow morning and I'll be in late so that I can do my long run tomorrow instead of Saturday or Sunday. Shocked Robin



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      No, I think it's perfectly understandable. Although, knowing me, I would've just done the long run Saturday, or incorporated it into the race in some fashion. But that's me.

        Hi Robin, IMHO, since everything here is completely open and public, you should only post things that you wouldn't care if everybody you knew read it, and they knew you were the one who wrote it. If you care that your boss may find out that you really didn't have a Dr's appointment, you should probably delete your post now. Also, what are you going to do when your boss passes you on the road as he is driving to work? Shocked
          Some might call it wrong. I'd call it dedicated. Smile But for what it's worth, I'd follow Scout7's advice (unless, you know, you just want skip work for a day). Since I'm guessing your long run is around 7-8 miles at this point, if I were you I'd probably turn that race into a long run by running a couple slow miles for a warm up, running the race, then do a few miles cool down ... and you've just run your long run distance. Better for you, too. Everybody'd be smart to do that kind of warm-up and cool down on race day (not that I ever do ...) Modified - because my fingers don't know the difference between your and you're and their and there. So there.
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            VA and Scout made a good points. Why not do your 3K race on Sunday, take a little break, have a snack, go pee, and then wave good-bye to everyone as you head off to do your long run (minus 3K) (at an easier pace than normal). Your speed on your long run doesn't matter much. Either way, have fun. Modified to say JK's idea is the best yet! He may not be able to spell but he types faster than me Smile ~ Arlene

              It all starts so innocently, maybe someone asks you to go on a little run, and you do it just to fit in. No big deal at first, but then you start doing it when your alone too. Suddenly you cross the line of just social running to doing it every chance you get. You wonder if you are developing a problem. You'll tell yourself, "It's nothing, I can stop at any time." The next thing you know, you can't get enough and you're making excuses to cover up your addiction. Just don't get hurt, or you'll have to make up some kind of story like "I fell down the stairs" or "It's just a little bruise, why you hassling me!!" Smile

                LOL sabershooter...... I agree w/va123 -- putting it out here sort of makes it 'possible' your boss will find out. given that most employees take sick time for purposes other than sick, i suppose it isn't 'wrong' but making it public probably isn't a good idea. (who knows, maybe you are uber confident that will not be an issue....like a boss who can't turn on a computer or something. Wink)

                My dogs are fast, not me

                  It became a moot point since we ended up having to work on our budget updates until late, late, late into the evening and again this morning. Tongue I'm going to take your suggestions and squeeze my long run in around my race on Sunday. Robin