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    Thanks for the advice Skydog. I will be working with my high schools XC team part time this summer. I'm usually able to keep up with or leave some of our sub 22 minute girls during summer training. But looking at your logs and theirs I probably haven't been putting the mileage needed over time. So I have tried at least get a little more consistent with the mileage I have been putting in. The other thing is I have done very little interval work at pace. I've noticed this in your logs, and it has been something I've been telling myself to do for sometime. I think I've just been afraid of track work and it is time to get over it.

    Fall  2013 Goals: Doable sub 22:00 5k; Challenging Sub 21:00 5k; Unlikely Sub 20:00 5k.

      Justin:     wasn't really trying to give u advice, more of just explaning getting over  my hurdle or mental block.   but if it helps you then thats fantastic & its bonus for me!  if I am an encouragent to you & it motivates you in some way,  Fantastic.  normally I go out between 7-7:15 1st mile & hold that pace & kick it last 1/4 mile or so.  this race wanted to go out 6:45-7:00 1st mile.  hit 1st mile in 6:45 & felt like it was closer to 7:00 (where track w/o helped) & for the most part kept that pace.  at around 1 1/2 mile my mind starting playing tricks again but this time did not listen & kept pace-this is the exact point where all those 800 or 1600 intervals helped-practice at race pace or better to improve "speed stamina or endurance.  also been getting in more consistent strength work (especially core), which helps maintain form when fatigued & stronger on inclines/hills.  This a very popular small town & race & the local Eastside Runners Club had a strong presence.  I was way way down the list in my AG as I was expecting, but no matter.


      Justin, track work, get over it !


        Congrats. Fast at any age.