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    Eric and RA (the site and its members) are the best! Had it not been for finding this site I am certain that I would have quit running long ago. Instead I see myself as more than just a person who runs for fitness...I run to beat my PRs and complete at least one marathon--things that were never goals of mine prior to making myself at home here. Smile k
    Ditto. A year ago I wouldn't have even considered myself "a runner". At best I was a hit or miss jogger. Now I find myself training for the big daddy of all races for most people, the marathon. That would not have happened were it not for Eric, RA, and more specifically the RA community who have inspired and encouraged me to the point of lunacy in registering for my first marathon. Eric, his awesome site, and this awesome community mean more to me in my "running life" than I can put into words. I am excited about the influx of new RAers knowing that there are many more stories and accomplishments from them that will continue to inspire me. Y'all rock! God bless and have a most wonderful and successful, whatever that means for each of you individually, (and injury-free) 2008 running and every other aspect of your lives. Big grin

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      Coolest of posts, Eric! Cool Thanks for the welcome. Gee, if you ever want to roam through some beautiful country and come to the Black Hills, I'll have a buffalo burger waiting, a bottle of wine, and you can use my computer (please!). grins, A
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        Amen big daddy Cool, Happy new year to you and all your family and for all RA´ers. Great site, Eric.
        I don´r suffer from insanity, I enjoy every single moment. L.L
          Right here is one of the reasons as an amateur runner that I decided to stick with your original site and not Runner's World: because you seem to care. I was not aware of all the problems encountered recently because of the influx of users from, but the way I see it, the more, the merrier and all the better to let people know more about your great site. I admit I haven't been as faithful in the last few months to my running program, but I'm looking to the new year to run in a 15K trail race (April) and a marathon (in October) so I plan on using your site a lot more. Thanks again, Eric, for one of the best online tracking systems, if not the best in my estimation. Keep up the good work. Bryan
            Well said, Eric. Your comments and your obvious passion are the reasons why this is the best gathering of runners anywhere!

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              Brilliant post Eric. I'll echo your wishes to everyone for a healthy and happy New Year. ::cheers::

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                Hear, hear! And that goes for all the replies too. *This* is the spirit of RA, and I'm sure it will remain like this in 2008. BTW, eric, when you have completed your tour of all the places mentioned above this reply, let me buy you a herring in Amsterdam (if you dare...) Smile bas

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                  I am very glad I found RA..the log is great and the forums/groups are wonderful. I have not encountered any issues or problems and I agree with Eric, I want to keep it that way. Eric, if your ever in DC, well, we really aren't know for anything food wise, although we have plenty of manure, let me know if I can be of any help. A big thanks to all.....

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                    Eric, as an ex CR this is my first posting and I feel at home already. I have problems with my log but they can wait as I'm sure you must be up to your neck in it. There is bound to be some friction as it would have been the same the other way around if suddenly 100's of new people appeared in the old CR forums. Just do me a favour mate unlike Active never employ a Cambodian computer geek called Pol Pot.

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                      Looking forward to a great 2008 and beyond with RunningAHEAD. Eric, you better keep running with all the offers of food you're receiving. (Seriously, thanks for all your work.)

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                        Thanks Eric. When I "migrated" to RA from CR my plan was to just sit back and get used to the flow of the forums and transition slowly. The people here are so welcoming, yourself included, that the transition was a pleasure. On another note, your graphing features are showing me my bike is getting in the way of my running. Need to tie on the shoes more often. Thanks again.
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                          Thanks for the welcome. RA has been great to come to as a running site. Paul
                            I'm one of the CoolRunning refugees. I hadn't actually made it over to the forums yet, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you've built here! I was this close to giving up on my beloved two-year-old online log... Thanks again!

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                              Dear All, including Eric of course. I started running not too long ago, it will be 2 years. I (some how) managed to run 3 marathons.... Confused Let me tell you, I run the distance, more importantly, completed the training only with the tremendous help of RA site and the very warm and welcoming community, to whom I am very grateful ! so.... well said ERIC and WELCOME to all the runners new or all that will enjoy this site as much I do! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all G

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                                Even though the New Year is still several days away, let's start anew now. You are not refugees and there are no immigrants on this site. We're a community of runners and everyone is welcomed to share their experiences. I would also like to formally welcome all the new users to RunningAHEAD. I am fully committed to making it the best training log available on the internet. Have a happy and healthy New Year everyone! eric Smile
                                Happy New Year to you, Eric.
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