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    So heart-felt. Thanks for sharing this Now I even feel more welcome. I can't even imagine the stress that us Coolrunners have put on you and the rest of the gang at RunningAHEAD. I love this site and I hope that the great kibbitzers (sp?) on Coolrunning have arrived as well and I'm looking forward to meeting all the great folks here, too. If you're ever in Toronto, Canada I'd like to buy you a Mill Street Brewery Organic Beer (couldn't think of any food that we are particularly known for) which is darn good beer made in a micro-brewery here. Thanks for the site Ruth

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      Humble "little" site? I don't think so. This is such a helpful site for us crazy runners that I would have absolutely no problem paying a fair yearly membership fee. I'm pretty much do the same like you, Eric. I work for a major company as a senior web programmer. I pretty much keep their website running and they receive millions of hits daily. I also came up, planned, programmed and maintain my own personal website, which has over 500,000 members from every country in the world. I don't want to mention any domain names; however, it's a social network website for pen pal friendships worldwide. I myself moved to a dedicated server about a year ago because a shared just didn't do it anymore. Now I serve over 3.5 million pageviews and burn at least 400GB Bandwidth a month. It's safe to say that I understand what it takes to keep a popular website running and let me tell everybody: it's not an easy job. It also can get expensive as I currently pay about $650 a month for my website (while doing all the work for free, of course). But I, like Eric, can simply help myself. We just love to what we do and were lucky enough coming up with an idea which caught attention. Keep going Eric. The adventure has just begun. Jakob

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        Amen Eric. I migrated over here from CR well before the latest problems for one reason--the forums over there were becoming full of snarkiness and cliquishness. I hope RA continues to avoid those problems. Happy New Year everyone! Cool

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          Thanks again, Eric, for everything you've done for all of us over the past month. As was mentioned before, you took some of your valuable time during the busiest time of the year and made the switch for us from CR seamless. Things like that are what makes your site better than the rest. Big grin When you're in Denver next, I'll hook you up with any local brew you like. Can't wait, I think its calling my name already. Wink
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            Thanks Eric. Another former CR here. I was thrilled with the ease with which I could import my excel log. You've provided a very comfortable home for us here, and I know you've been working hard to keep things running smoothly during the mass exodus.

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              Eric and all of RA I'm a newcomer from CR and I have to say that no one here, absolutely no one has been rude, inconsiderate or unviting. Shoot, one of the forums here even changed their name to make us newcomers, and those to come, feel more comfortable. I have only been hanging around here for about a week and feel comfortable and accepted. Eric you do an amazing job. If you ever find yourself in Southeastern MA I'll gladly share a 'cup of chowda' with ya.

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                Thanks, Eric. I'm one of the former CR migrants, and could not be happier to have been directed to this site by a fellow runner! Everybody here has been friendly and welcoming! There's another beer here in Huntington Beach, CA, waiting for you, Eric! Can't promise it'll be the best beer, but there's nothing better than watching the sun set into the Pacific after a long, hard day!

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                  {{{{{{{{{{{{{{THANK YOU ERIC!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Cool
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                    This site, it's features, and all of the residents are a big part of why I continue to run with such exuberance. I thank Eric and everyone for hat and certainly hope the new members enjoy it, respect it and love it as much as I do. Happy New Year to all users new and old, and especially to Eric the most selfless person on the web ( either that or he is a genius mastermind that we will learn about later on!!!!) Cheers! Dave
                      May I just say thanks! I've just started the log feature (I'm a CR refugee sort of -- I never felt like I was enough of a runner having just finished C25K to have a log). I realized I could also keep my riding (horses) diary (my new year's resolution is to be more diligent about that) and now I've got both on the same place. How cool is that! Now I don't have to find a pen and my notebook. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. Karyn
                        We all put on our running shoes, our heart rate goes up and we put one foot in front of each other and cover the distance. This should and does bring us together as runners especially as RunningAhead runners. For this we thank you Eric and I salute you by running a mile for you... Reno Big grin



                          Since you asked so nicely, I will try! Cool If you come visit Los Angeles, I will make you fish tacos.


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                            Something to think about.... there are a lot of other running forums and online logs out there. When CR went away and we all realized the Active logs sucked, people went looking for other options. Of all those options, this site seems to be the best choice for most of us. The log is awesome. You can export/import data. The forums and people are top notch, too. I've read through some of the forums and there are some really good runners here. I'm glad I found RA! Thanks for having me.
                              And I'll buy you a beer if'n you make it down to Nashville! Kudos to Eric!!
                              And if you ever make it out to Spain I'll buy you a beer and perhaps even some Sangria! And there's always a couch to sleep in for a fellow Eric!! -Eric Spain
                                Thank you doesn't seem enough, but thank you for devoting your time and energy to a passion that drives us all....running (and the sharing of our running stories). I survived 5 different conversions of alumni/development databases over a span of 20 years---it ages you in dog years each time. You have my profound respect and admiration Eric. I wasn't a long time poster on Cool Running (just since October '07) and felt welcomed there right away. That same warm welcome is felt here from new names and names I recognize from before. Thank you for making that possible too. CNYrunner