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    I'm a CR immigrant as well, and there was almost a complete and total lack of moderation over there. I saw some REALLY vile things said to people, and no one did anything. So, some people might be used to the "say what you want" mentality and have unfortunately gotten used to being blunt (at best) and disrespectful (at worst). I couldn't agree with you more, Eric. We all share a common interest here, so that should count for something. We're not going to all agree, but I hope we can do it civilly and not let this lovely site degenerate to the degree that CR sometimes did.

      Thanks Eric, haven't really been using the message boards since I (YOU) migrated me over...but just wanted to say thanks for your help, love the log, and so far couldn't be happier...
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        This site is called RunningAHEAD. Lets take a cue from the site's name and move past the Active disaster. I guess this has been the digital version of a natural disaster. People have been displaced. Communities have been disrupted. Some people have lost everything. Emotions run high and regretable things happen. The demise of CR, as in other disasters, did not affect just those who used CR but the ripple effects have hit other on-line communities as well. Hopefully with the start of a new year/new log people will begin to settle into their new sites and a happy new "normal" will emerge.
          You rock Eric, best to you in the coming year. Once the Lowell Good Times series kicks off in the Spring you'll have to stop by Hookslide Kelly's one Tuesday evening for a beer or two, the pizza's pretty good too.

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          Cry havoc and let slip the dawgs of war!

          May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your SPF30, may the rains fall soft upon your sweat-wicking hat, and until you hit the finish line may The Flying Spaghetti Monster hold you in the hollow of His Noodly Appendage.


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            Wow! I've been using Running Ahead for over a year and this is the first time I've clicked on "community" and found this other world! I think Running Ahead is amazing, I've told all my running friends about it. I thought it was owned and run by Google, Whoops. Thanks Eric! I hope everyone has a groovy 2008 and hits all their running goals!!


              Ditto the praise for Eric! I've been a hit and miss poster on the forum since May 2007, and was welcomed warmly. When I have posted something stupid, I have never been ridiculed. I was politely ignored. Wink I occassionally go on the local University sports forums and those folks are nasty! Evil grin This site has always been refreshing. Thanks for making me feel welcome! Happy New Year, ya'll! ("Ya'll" is Arkansas speak for "Everyone") p.s. - Eric, if you come to Arkansas, I'll treat you to some awesome fried catfish!

                Eric, My name is Shawn and I enjoy your site tremendously. I've been running for the last 23 years participating in my first 10k at the age of 13 and I've been hooked ever since. I've tried to maintain dozens upon dozens of logs but was never quite successful until someone told me about your site a few months ago. I don't know and don't really care about what others have to complain about. Your site is free first of all and secondly, it's extremely user friendly and like many, I've passed it along to a lot of my friends who take running a little more serious than the occasional runner. I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for the work you've put into your site. I imagine it's both laborsome and time-consuming but I for one am grateful you've done it. Because of the work you've put into your site, I'm able to track my distances anywhere the USN or USMC send me. Thanks Eric. Shawn United States Navy

                  Thank you so much for making my import from CR so easy! I am so excited to have all my information -- you have made my day! I am looking forward to joining your community! Thanks again and Happy New year!


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                    I want to go on record as a former CR user for eight years that I love this site. I've only been here for a couple weeks, but I love the features and its pragmatic functionality. Thank you for your opening this up to runners of all abilities. I look forward to "meeting" new people in RA.

                      Add me to the list of very happy new folks that is happy to find a very fun place online to share my love of running with others. Smile Love the site and the community. Thanks. Cool
                        Your site is free first of all
                        Yep...Great point...Eric bends over backwards for us freeloaders... Cool
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                          I'm another one of the former CR folks, have been on RA just a few weeks. Still working my way around the new charts and graphs but sure appreciate Eric and all his time. I sent him some $ via the paypal site for his efforts. I haven't noticed anything but great discussions on here thus far. I certainly wish all of us nothing but a great 2008 filled with great runs and no injuries! Thanks again Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

                            Many thanks to Eric for his hard work and patience with me. I probably have asked him more questions than everyone else combined! Computer is not my thing....okay, I'll admit it, I'm computer illerate!! Still trying to figure out why the shoe option disappears when I use "walk" and not "run". Keep up the great work're wonderful!

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                              I was lucky and found RA about a year ago. I didn't have to suffer the CR breakdown! This site has been nothing but the best and I think we should alll show our endorsement with generous contributions! Smile Thanks Eric!

                                Hi Eric, That was a well written post and I appreciate your sentiments, as well as your sharing your talents with the greater running community. I have come over from CR and though I haven't spent time in the community yet, I am sorry to hear about the conflicts. I can certainly understand how prexisting members might have had some difficulty with a huge influx of new people- many of them in a somewhat hurt/disappointed emotional frame of mind. Here is to running, health, the new year, and a community of people looking to share and help each other. Cheers, KHeinz