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    Thank you Eric for this great site - both the log and the community make this place the best running site on the internet.
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      Hello! I'm one of the new users who is very happy, (delighted, actually) and have noticed NO resentment...only REALLY helpful people, who saved my running log when it was decimated at So thanks to all the Running Ahead people, we appreciate your warm welcome. We're here because we love the site, and not because we want to "take over". Happy New Year! Karyn
        Thank You Eric !!! Come to the Jersey Shore(in summer). We'll feed you crabs and go sailing!!! Cool






          Eric, Thank for your site. As a CR refugee and runners world log refugee prior to that, your on line log with all of its features are much appreciated. Mike Sigonella, Italy

            I am not a CR refugee but an emigrant. I chose to move around a year ago becuase I found a site that was well designed fr cross training (especially weights) as well as running and the mapping application is just fantastic. You've done a great job!


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              SmileThanks for the remarks Eric. I recently joined RunnigAhead from CR. I enjoy runnig, average 35 - 40 miles per week, and I enjoy logging my stats and your site helps me accomplish both. Great running log. Harold

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                Great site. I thought one thing that could be added is average pace overall and through time. Nice to look at it going down hopefully Smile Just a thought. Actually I now see it under advanced graph though I'm a little confused by the output.
                  Eric, you have my word. I will try my best to be civil. Jonathan
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                    Eric, You have been more than helpful from welcoming me to the site to transferring my CR log to Running Ahead. I'm glad to have found Running Ahead. Keep up the great work! Steve
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                      Thank you all so much for keeping the community together and strong. It is great seeing all these new faces and wonderful that just about everybody has been so positive. Especially given all that Eric has done with his spare time and for free to make this such a wonderful site and community!! Happy New Year everybody and have a great year of running. Big grin
                        Big grin


                          I agree.



                            Trent and Michelle, you guys are why this place is so freaking great. Wink You are much nicer than I am, that's for sure. Is there an evil person's user group? I need in on that one, if so. Big grin Seriously though, to echo my earlier post, everyone has been incredibly accomodating here, and I don't think us new folks could ask for better.

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                              Well, we are also why the place is freaking out Wink We do have an evil users group. It is a nasty nasty place. Shocked
                                Hi Eric and the rest. I'm one of those "former Cool Running" people. Joined a few weeks ago, but was away over the holidays and not active, so I missed everything that took place. I sincerely hope that we can all get along here and have that family type of atmosphere that we had at the old cool running site. For the most part, I think we're all interested in the same think, "RUNNING" and with that telling about our successes, our failures, injuries as well as sharing ideas, training methods etc. I want to thank you for this site and the introduction you provide to all of us. LPH


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