Missed runs due to illness (Read 399 times)


    I have missed the last 8 days of running because my husband  was out of town and then my 2 youngest (5 & 1) came done with strep throat and the day they are feeling better....it's my turn. I'm hoping tomorrow or the next day I will feel up too some kind of run. I was up to 3-4 miles 4-5 days/week. I'm hoping I haven't lost all my progress Sad

      The first few days back will probably be a bit hard. If you're on a plan maybe you should consider dropping back a couple weeks and starting out slow. Your fitness will probably drop a bit but it will come back quickly as well. These things happen. Don't let it bother you.

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        What's lost is lost...just pick up where you left off and tell yourself that perhaps you needed some extra rest anyways.  Who knows, it might even be true.

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          I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow! Thanks for the input!

            Good luck tomorrow! Just take it slow!!

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              Well I made it 2.5. I'll take it!


                WTG!   It really doesn't take very long to regain that fitness.  To make running a lifelong goal you just have to accept that there will be down times.  Glad you're feeling better and back on track!


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