Goal of sub 20 5k (Read 13646 times)


    I want to throw my name in for going sub 20 in 2010.  Don't know if it's at all realistic, but if you don't try, right?  Might as well put it out there.


    PR right now is 21:45 in October... but that was off marathon training, not 5k training, and was a 6 minute PR from the previous year.  Don't know where my limits are and improvement is going to get very difficult... but still am hoping I can hit sub 20 in 2010. Smile   

      Ok, I haven't posted here in AGES. I 'kind of' moved on to the sub 19 group because I posted a 20:04 a couple years ago, but then didn't really post much because I've gone through long injuries and just got out of the habit. Well, I strained my Soleus a week ago trying to train up for a Feb race, but not before officially breaking 20 with a 19:48 at the Autumn Fest 5K. 18th place. At night, in the dark. Nothing but glow sticks around runners necks bouncing up and down. Awesome. And I really only ran it because of a free beer mug to the top 50. Smile   


      I'm not sure how I did it, but I really pushed through my asthma problems with the cold and just kept pushing harder and harder. HUGE breakthrough for me now knowing that I can push through that. (in the past I felt that was my 'redline' for my lungs and slowed down or even stopped because I couldn't breathe) I had mild bronchitis kind of cough for a few days after but I'll take it. Smile  I think the thing that surprised me was I hit the first mile in 6:35, which, to be honest, was maybe right around what I thought I was going to run or even slower. But I was just picking people off. Listening to the people in front of me really huffing just drove me past them. I didn't get passed once and past  a mile and a half I didn't pass anyone else. I just hung on this young kid in front of me and I was running scared from someone's footsteps behind me.


      Anyway, I just thought I'd post since I've officially graduated now and maybe this will get me to post a little more often.


      Now about this damn calf.....

      Run like you stole something.

        Congrats to those recent posters that did break 20.  And good luck to those hoping to do so in 2010.


        As for me, I was hoping to take December off to recharge and repair the body.  Unfortunately, the time off and holiday dinners have resulted in nearly a 10lb gain. 


        So, i'm hoping to get back at it this week.  And we'll just have to struggle through the next two weeks.


        I hope everyone has a great holiday season.


          I made my final attempt to break the 20min mark for this year… weird race.  We ran along the canal which was nice.  It snowed .5 inches the night before, but the real problem was the course was 8 ft wide for the most part.  At some points it was only 3 ft.  I spent a lot of time weaving through people at the beginning of the race.  The race personnel could have done a better job lining people up at the start so that the slower people moved back.  They also had 180 degree turn that was slippery.  That helps with momentum.  I ended up running 20:32 and finished 9th with a lot of gas in the tank.  Having a field of 203, I should have been more like 25th.


          Monday I will start training for a half in early May.  I will attempt another 5K race late March.  I hope the added miles to my training will put me over the top.


          Great year of running!!

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            I’d like to thank Jim Howe and all the regulars on this thread.  I have read every post.  All 120 pages.  I enjoyed your tales of triumph and disappointment, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  And especially stories of the journey.  As a new runner, I experimented with many of your training ideas. Some really helped.  But in the end, I credit my breakthrough to diet: the daily quaffing of Zinfandel.  Strictly for medicinal purposes, mind you.



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              Shady, Great Job!!  What put you over the top?  I have a new goal... break 20 min when I am 62!

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                > What put you over the top?


                Drugs.  Just kidding.  I don’t really know, but my strategy was always to improve my stamina while remaining racing sound.  I trained like an old racehorse.  Carefully.  I slowly increased my mileage.   I was never a morning glory.  I never did time trials.  I saved my best speed for racing.  I took plenty of rest days.  And dropping 50 lbs four years ago might have helped a little.  This is what worked for me.  But result may vary.


                Bill, I would handicap you as odds-on to breakthrough the 20 minute barrier this year.  You are lightly raced.  You are motivated.  And you are young.  Cheers

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                  I slowly increased my mileage.   I was never a morning glory.  I never did time trials.  I saved my best speed for racing.  I took plenty of rest days.  And dropping 50 lbs four years ago might have helped a little.  This is what worked for me.



                  Great!  I have reduced my speed work to occasional strides.  I am in a significant base building phase.  I am dropping weight. I started running at 217lbs, but lost 20 before that.   My goal weight for the Indy Mini Marathon is 180lbs.  I love to train and love racing even more.  I believe I will break 20 shortly, but doing it for the first time at 62 is very impressive.  You have really inspired me.  Good luck in your future races.

                    I hope to be back posting again.

                    Since my 1:38:04 half marathon on Sept. 22 I have only run about 25-30 miles per month.

                    A New Year and I am trying to run a few miles a day again.

                    Last night I decided to run something quicker on the treadmill and ran a 5k in 22:54.

                    Mile splits 7:32, 7:32, 7:11.

                    I pretty much just started at 8mph and held it there to around 2.5 miles as I only had a goal to break 24 but

                    the 7:30 pace was manageable so I decided I would break 23 if I felt good enough at the end.


                    I will set a short term goal of sub 22 by the end of January.

                      I am on a quest again to break 20 min. It has been a couple years dealing with hammy issues. I have no plans to run more than 20-25 miles per week (per usual) but I am hoping not having to take off several weeks the past 2 winters will allow me to continue to get stronger and allow me to break 20 minutes again this year. 20:40 was my best last year.

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                        I will be back as well I hope.  After taking basically 6 weeks off from achilles trouble I am trying to work back up to a reaonable base for spring.  As long as I can stay healthy and keep the weight to about 200 pounds I should be able to break 20 again this year.

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                          I have decided to not have a time goal in 2010. I am going to run, race, and try to lose weight. I have been running, but not logging them. Good luck everyone!


                            Great to see a lot of the old band getting back together...and a few new members also.  There's always been a lot of good info in this thread.


                            Good luck to all!!!


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                              Count me in as well.  I got down to 20:31 last year on marathon training.  This year I am going to focus on the 5K during the spring and then do another marathon in the fall.


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                                This is definitely one of my goals this year!  Unfortunately, I have a big leap to make as my current PR is 22:38.  Hopefully, all of the stars will aline for me by mid-year and it will happen!

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