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    Hi everyone! I'm planning to run the 50k portion of the DWD race in Hell, Michigan. I read on their website that they have a few preDWD group fun runs planned out there. I've never participated in any of the preruns, so I'm wondering if anyone has any information about them outside of the websites info. Even if you aren't planning to run the prerace, but you have some information in addition to that on the website, please share! Also, I'd really like to know if anyone around here is planning to run DWD, especially the 50k! Thanks! AR

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      Hey AR, I'm not in that part of the country, but have heard lots of great things about DWD. As for the pre-run, I'd say go for it if you can. It is the absolute best way to avoid surprises on race day! If you like, you can visit www.runnersworld.com and navigate to "forums". They have lots of different categories, but find "trail running" and I am pretty sure there are some there that can talk about DWD from the firsthand perspective. Good luck, Lynn B

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        folks at this forum seem to gonna have a huge DWD presence. They are a fun bunch too. http://www.tapermadness.org/tm_phpbb/viewforum.php?f=2