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    I just started running back at the very end of July. I purchased the Adidas Supernova Cushion 6 and really enjoyed the shoe. I had to get new shoes recently and thought I should try more of a running shoe brand, like saucony/asics/etc., and after numerous attempts, I ended up with Asics Kayano 13. I have a very normal, efficient stride with just a very slight pronation, so my local running store recommened a light-stability shoe over a neutral shoe. I just started wearing the Kayanos and actually did what you shouldn't do and wore them for the first time in a 15K race this past Saturday. They fit pretty good out of everything I tried on, but they are a bit snug in the toe area. I ran in them again today on a 5 mile training run and had soreness on outside of my lower right leg. I am not sure if this is just because of the breaking them in period, or a bit of fatigue from the 15K, or what. I guess I just don't know that I feel really "in love" with them and excited about running in them...but maybe that's just the break in period feelings... i don't know. I keep thinking that maybe I should have just gotten another adidas, maybe one of the control models. I have never tried on New Balance, which a lot of people who wear seem to really enjoy. Any other suggestions?? I don't know why getting a new pair of shoes is so hard. Confused

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      I've got a pair of Kayanos that I've put almost 400 miles on....The only reason I picked them was because I couldn't get a proper "gait analysis" done and just walked across the foot pad at Dicks Sporting Goods. It was either Kayanos or Brooks Beast, they told me. There was a sale on Kayanos so that's what I went with. On longer runs, my ankles start to ache and I headed up to Tucson on Saturday to get some new shoes, with a REAL gait analysis. They set me up with some New Balance 755's and turns out I don't really pronate OR supinate so I just needed cushioning, not support...Kinda aggravating, but I hope I didn't do too much damage running in the shoes that I "thought" I was supposed to be in... Back to the point I was getting to; I remember the first month or so of my Kayanos they took awhile to break in, but I chalked up the uncomfortability to me being "uneducated" on running matters and "hey they were recommended by Dicks!"...My ankles hurt at first and when I ran longer distances later on, they hurt...I'm hoping these new New Balances will give me different results... I'd go with whatever feels best to you, but what's unfortunate is that you can't really go out for a 10 mile run just to "test drive" some shoes Big grin
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