How do I get my CSV file of data from Runkeeper to import? (Read 1198 times)


    How do I get my CSV file of data from Runkeeper to import?

      Go to the settings page:



      Then at the bottom there is a little link to Download activities.


      You might just be able to go directly to this link:

      Download Activities



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        Thank you so much for the quick reply!! 


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          I'm having problems getting RunKeeper's data to import.  I can export the csv just fine, and it looks fine when inspected with a text editor, but on trying to import it the CSV importer claims there is a problem with the file.


          A different question: Is there a batch-importer for tcx? I have RunKeeper/Garmin Connect history going back to 2009, and while exporting it is trivial (because it can be scripted in the browser), I would love to batch process all of that.

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            You can upload all of your tcx files at once by zipping them up and then uploading the zip file to RA by selecting the tcx importer.  Let me know if you still want to upload the RunKeeper data.

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              Hi, I would really like to import my Run Keeper data. I download a csv file, but like Arve i receive a message error telling me the file has errors and i'm selecting import from run keeper (csv). Can anyone help? (I am using safari 5.1 on mac)



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                I sent you an private message with instructions.