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    Anyone else here running the Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage on the 23rd??  My wife and I will be traveling from New Jersey to Alaska on the 22nd.  I'll be running the full (my 5th) and she'll be running the half.  I'm alittle nervous about traveling 12 hrs the day before and the logistics of getting to the race as its our first time in Alaska, but very excited for the trip and the experience.  Has anyone here ran it in previous years or is running it and can share what to expect? thanks!




      I am not running it, but I have. Be prepared for the euphemistically named "tank trail" in the middle.  Your nice road marathon will suddenly turn onto this this nasty thing where you will spend some (5-7, I don't recall) miles on a gravel road with big ankle busting rocks.  Run this section "even effort", not trying to stick to "even pace" based on your watch.  This is a great place to spot moose.  But you will likely be looking right in front of your feet and may not see them.  Aside from that, the race is hilly in parts.  The weather will be mild in June.


      Anchorage is a very cool place to explore.  The time change from the east coast will be wonky, but going east to west is easier (a bit) than west to east.  HOWEVER, June 23rd in Anchorage means that the sun doesn't go down until waaaaaaaay later than you are used to.  And then almost immediately comes back up.  That is freakier than the time difference.


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        ...and if you run into a moose, give it the right of way. 

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          srlopez - thanks, appreciate the tips! 


          PerfesserR- we'll see how big the moose is....