Graph X-axis duration not starting at 0 (Read 23 times)


    Just noticed that if I view any workout graph and change the x-axis from Distance to Duration, the resulting graph will not start at 0, but at the first "tick" increment, so for example if the x-axis is gridded every 10 minutes, then instead of the x-axis starting at 0 it starts at 10 minute.

      HI Wing,

      There is a bit of code that tries to correct the pace graph.  I noticed that pace is always 0 at the beginning, which messes up the scale of the whole graph.  Also, 0 pace is non-sensical because that equals to infinite speed.  For some reason, removing the first few points in the graph caused this problem.  I'm looking into fixing this issue.


      eric Smile


        Thanks Eric! It's not really an issue for me, it's just something I noticed. It's not specific to pace, it shows the same behavior when viewing HR for example, which should be valid at all time value.

          I made the fix.  I even fixed the 0 pace problem.  The fix is being deployed right now and should be available in 15 minutes.