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    Why is running the only sport where mediocrity is not only accepted but praised? It reminds me of the courtesy clap that is given to all of the runners who just finish the race. This may be the reason that Americans cannot compete on the world stage.


    Note: this is not a jab at people who train hard for their own personal goals, but the mindset of races having a lot of swag, chip timing and getting praised just for showing up.

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      2 of 10 on the troll scale.  Too obvious.  Keep trying, you'll get the hang of it.

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        There are more bad golfers than bad runners .

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          There are more bad golfers than bad runners .


          Hah, golf was exactly what I was thinking of.

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            You should see all the bad walkers out there.

              Why do some people make really stupid posts in Running Ahead.......

              Champions are made when no one is watching

                There are more bad golfers than bad runners .


                I multi-task, I am both...

                  Why is running the only sport where


                  Breaking news. All mediocre hobbyists who participate in group events get sunshine blown up their asses. It's just that running is more bucket listy  than other hobbies right now.


                  And what Spaniel said.

                  And in the end...

                    I accept and praise mediocrity out of a thankfulness for being so much better than they, and out of a genuine compassion for those who are less skilled and accomplished among us.


                    Yes, Leopold, I accept and praise you.


                    Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.


                      It'd be awfully sad if only the most amazing, elite people could do hobbies.  Most of us would sit around not being able to do anything.  Sorry to tell you, but there are many mediocre people in all hobbies--- from music to shooting hoops to playing video games.  Some become the top rated, and us lousy ones make them look good.


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                        I try to do my part to make everyone else look good.

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                           Breaking news. All mediocre hobbyists who participate in group events get sunshine blown up their asses.


                          Woohoo!!! Big grin

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                              I run races to give the rest of you someone to pass at the end.  Smile


                              I showed my kids the medal I got for finishing a half-marathon.  My son called it a "participation medal".  No matter how many people that "didn't get off the couch" that I finished before, he's right...

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                              Rattler Trail Half-Marathon, Sanford, NC, 2:52 (wow)


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                              Heart & Sole Half-Marathon,  Goldsboro, NC, Feb. 2, 1:56:40 (PR)

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                              Triple Lakes Trail Race (40 mile), Greensboro, NC, Oct. 5, DNF after 31 miles in 7:48

                              Just B.S.

                                I embrace my mediocrity and celebrate it with all the lackluster enthusiasm I can muster.