Not a run but what an awesome 5 mile walk on top of the world! (Read 807 times)

    So my family and I went to northern Michigan this weekend and took part in the 54th Annual Mackinac bridge walk!  It is five miles and any of you who know my story, know that a year ago, I doubt I could have done this.  It's 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles down.  Would have loved to run it but you have to be a MI resident to be entered in the drawing for the lottery to run it.  Dang!  It would have been awesome.  Loved it and consider it another thing checked off my bucket list!   If someone can tell me how to import pics I will post some.




      When I was a wee one, my dad knew a pilot who got kicked out of the Air Force for flying one of these under the Mackinac Bridge.




        Importing pics.


        First off, they have to be online somewhere.  You can't link pics on your pc.  An easy/free upload site is http://tinypic.com


        After uploading, it'll provide you with various choices for linking the pic.  The last one is an url in it that ends in jpg or gif.


        On this site, check the buttons above the edit box you use to build a post.  One of them looks like a tree with a brown horizontal line under it.  Click it. Up pops a dialog box.  Put the url that tinypic gave you into the "Image URL" item.


          That's pretty awesome, not that he got kicked out but that he had the guts to do it!  It is an awesome structure.

            The First pic is of me and my husband near the top, the second one is of the towers and the third is looking down through the grates that compose two of the four lanes.  You can see the water nearly 200 feet below.  It's an amazing structure.  They estimate that nearly 36000 people walked it yesterday.

              That sounds so cool. What a great experience! Congrats!