Hello and a few suggestions (Read 327 times)

    Hey all,


    New to site and delighted to find my obsession with data from my Garmin is not unique. It's like being a closet addict and then coming out of said closet to discover its actually all ok!!!!


    Anyway, some suggestions based on a week or two of usage.


    • Body fat would be a useful option in the health section. Recognize that too much is too much but don't think this would be overly confusing. I know you can add a health entry but I want to be able to report on it.  

    • I use notes a lot and on any of the reports that I run it isn't an option to view - this would be really useful. For example I have a 20 mile course and when I do it I want to see what my comments were for the previous ones. 
    • Read somewhere else about an achievements section - this is a great idea - not just PB's but - for example: I just had my best mileage month ever and also just broke 5000 lifetime miles - I need badges or rewards for this - a bit like Xbox achievements.
    • An option to track forums - alerts by e-mail or whatever (Possible I am missing something here)    

    • This might be hard but the old motionbased site used to pull weather data from the nearest station. So, for example, I live in Swords in Dublin and the weather data would be pre-populated in my run from the Dublin airport weather station. Very convenient but not sure how hard it would be.

    Outside of that - what  a superb site - huge kudos to the admins and the community - great place to be - well done all. 



      Oh yeah


      One more


      I would like to be able to quickly see


      Best day ever

      Best week ever

      Best month ever 


      etc etc


      no idea how this would work but pace. mileage, quality effort etc could all be candidates,