RunningAHEAD licensed training log to Runner's World (Read 6753 times)

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    Next time, you should add in a per-log-use fee as part of the license agreement Big grin

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      Wow... congrats Eric! I'm really impressed!
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        Good for you. You've gone out of your way to not only create the best training log on the web but kept it free of cost and free of ads. As a fellow professional geek, I fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into running a web application like RA. The quality of your work speaks for itself and it sounds like you are getting something back for it. The fact trade publications would rather work with you vs compete with you is probably the biggest compliment you could get from a professional standpoint. Congrats eric.

          I tell everyone to use this site, so you'll still get plenty of new members....This is by far the greatest site in the world and no matter if a million companies get to use ideas or whatever I'll continue to use this one because it is so incredibly easy to use...
            Yes, your log is awesome!

              Eric, congratulations!

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                Way cool! Congratulations.

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                  I'll jump on the bandwagon. Eric, I am proud of you. You had/have a lot of integrity and have used it liberally from the beginning. When I came here, I was a bit tenative to put my data out there, having been burned by another web based logging tool. You NEVER let me down, in fact, you made me feel as if I were a part of! You have created a good thing here...much more than just a tool. I regularly visit the RW forums (trail running) and feel there is good community there, but we just exist on the RW zoomy says...RW ain't got no soul! Anyway, I am thrilled that you have been recognized as a leader/pioneer in this category and I certainly hope you profited from all your hard work! Your brother in running, Lynn B

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                    Just wanted to join in and say Congratulations too, Eric!! I visited RW and I agree...the spirit just isn't there!! You've created such a fantastic site! THANK YOU for all of your hard work! We're proud of you and forever grateful!! :heart: ~Joni~

                      I think lots of folks on the site would agree with me on this one: RA satisfies my inner geek like none other. I used to do so much of this on Excel, but it's just so easy with RA to geek out and graph and track anything and everything. This site just rocks for logging runs. I like it better than my old-fashioned .xls files.... and I love tracking in excel. That says a lot. Thanks so much, Eric. This site is really the best there is; I hope RW paid up!! Eryn

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                        Eric, Your site rocks my friend and for RA to actually want to pick up your log and run with it says alot about how their truly value your work. I'm not moving from your site and a look forward in future developments. Cheers/Theo (Down Under runner)
                          It would be nice to be able to design a route, then print it out, possibly in multiple pages if it is a long route, and use it as a guide when running the reoute. Thanks, Ken
                            Hi, Ken. You can do this right now. Go ahead and make your route and save it. Then, view it (as opposed to edit it ). Once you have it up in the viewer, select the picture of a printer. You'll get a screen that looks kind of like this: That will print out correctly, though the elevation graph won't fit on the same page. Smile

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                              I'm glad I found this site first because for some unknown reason, my work has banned the Runner's World Forum and training log.
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                                Holy cow!!! Great news Eric!! Sorry I haven't been around on RA or with the club...but I'm back into it! You'll have to tell me all about this stuff next time I see you. you have room on your Lake Winnie team for me?