Recovering from IT Band Syndrome, finally running after 7 weeks (Read 456 times)

finally Sub-3!!!

    a few weeks ago, I got my first dose of ITBS.  I spent 4 weeks of alternating between resting a few days and the trying to run again.  I finally gave in and saw an MD and a PT.  I have done the stretches and exercises, and I am completely asymptomatic at rest.  I have een given the all clear to run again. 


    I was at an avg of 55mpw and had just topped out at 80.  Can I just run as much as I feel like?  Or do I start back with 20-30 mpw and build?


    Do I need to keep doing all those exercises and stretches?  Or does it become an "as needed" thing?




    I just have trouble with the idea that I ran for so long with no issues, and now I have to do all this voodoo to keep the run gods happy.


    any help is appreciated.

      As a guy who suffered it probably 5 times the past 3 years (I train exclusively on a very hilly course of roads with weird cambers every day, all I have besides my treadmill), I would definitely keep doing the stretches and the exercises. I haven't had it for a little while but once I got the stretches and foam rolling down. I was able to get back within 2 weeks of the on/off-a-few-days/on for a normal run/off-two-days kind of routine. I always started back at 30mpw when I was totally free of pain but I also haven't had the ability to crank out that much mileage like you do. I have always enjoyed your blog though, best of luck!

      The Runner Life

        Maybe try 40-50 easy with no long runs or workouts of any kind for a solid week, since that was your average.  And I would keep up with the stretches, it certainly won't hurt and it doesn't take a lot of time.  If you rush back and re-injure it, you will have to go through the 2-3 week recovery phase again, which is not worth the time and lost fitness.  Take it easy this week, then reassess next week