Where is lontach? (Read 969 times)


    I always like the no-nonsense advice you give..where did you go?
      I second that ...... Lontach? Where are you? Confused Chefffy

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        Me too.And how about Figbash?
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          where is voldemoort ?

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            And how about Sauron?

            madness baby

              And where's fattyrunner?

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                  Well, there's a surprise! I go poking around the interwebs to see what other places are like after the Active/CR events, and find a thread here asking where I am. Longstanding RA members, I registered to respond to this because otherwise it looks like an odd thread, and I didn't want it to look like trolling. Truth to tell, I'm not really sure where to go. I was a member of CR for a very long time and it felt like home - most of my posting was in Newbie Café and in the Clubhouse, where I made many extremely valuable and longstanding friendships. That community is shattered, and it makes me sad. The CH got a bad rap, but it was a place where I could indulge my passion for bad puns, intellectual debate, clementine cake and extreme leftwing politics. It's gone. I miss it. I'm glad that some of you found my postings in Newbie Café useful. Several times it's been said in recent days that the CH was the most active forum there, but it wasn't - Newbie always had it beaten hands down. I don't think that I'll be posting here much, because there are people here who know this scene here much better than I do (remember, I've only just come on here!), and I'm sure they'll give you much better advice than I could. This place is, as far as I can see, simply stiff with passionate, dedicated runners who have both the knowledge and the inclination to help new runners. Ask them anything, and remember the only dumb question is the one that doesn't get asked. One final thing: as of now, the C-to-5k and One Hour Runner, both of which are CR pages, are there, and free. I don't know how long they will remain so. Save them now while you can, especially, I think, OHR, because it's an old obscure page and probably ripe for purging. The rest of the training plans are also still there. This thread meant a lot. Thanks. If I see figbash, I'll send him over. He's a treasure. RA regulars - I hope you don't mind my having posted this. Peace. Out.

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                    Welcome, Iontach. Wink

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                      Iontach-- Hopefully you see this. Your advice in newbie cafe was always extremely helpful, and probably turned me from being a dabbler into someone who wants to seriously pursue this sport. You will be missed, and I will leverage the advice of the many RA veterans going forward. I was so new on CR that you probably wouldn't recognize my login (clvanacore), but thank you. I've been lucky to find some great people here at RA, and I look forward to their guidance.

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                        my passion for bad puns, intellectual debate, clementine cake and extreme leftwing politics.
                        Dude, if you see this, hang out with us a while. Lurk some if you want. But this sort of kooky and impassioned approach has always been popular round these parts. Plus, we need a recipe it seems. Big grin
                          I thought my ears were burning. I've been lurking over at the "new improved" CoolRunning site but I don't like what I'm seeing. The running log is totally useless and the site difficult to navigate so I've been looking around trying to figure out where everyone went. Kick running has a lot of old CR people and they are working hard to set up a running log. I had never heard of this place until Iontach left me a PM. This looks like a good site as well. I'll likely bounce around for a while to see how it all shakes out. Hopefully something will develop comparable to the Newbie Cafe. That and the C25K program was invaluable to new runners and really needs to be continued. As Iontach pointed out, the C25K is still free but I see where Active will soon be charging $19.95 for the privilege of using it. That in my opinion will kill what's left of CoolRunning for good. Anyway, I will be around. If I can be of any assistance feel free to PM me over there, I'm in the members list which is about the only good thing I've found on the new site. Roll eyes Tom

                            Hey Lontach - I am glad to see your response and I think you should lurk a little. I can almost garuantee (sp) the humour and no-nonsense personas I have seen will be your cup of tea. You were at CR much, much longer than I and I can imagine how bummed you are, but this is a good spot.

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                              Hey Lontach and Figbash - Sounds like you two are just right for getting the threads your peeps are wanting up and running. From what I've seen so far from this site, everyone is very welcomin, and the more the merry - be it running knowledge, recipes, bad puns, corny jokes, whatever. Hope you consider staying . . .

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                                Iontach and Figbash ~ Thank You very much for all of the GREAT advice that you have given to us noobs.If you end up hanging around,we will all be much better off for it.It looks like there are alot of very knowledgable runners here,but as far as I can tell,you can't have too many.Thanks again and Good Luck with whatever you do! Cool
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