Enhancement / Bug tracking? (Read 638 times)


    Have you given any thought (or is there one that I just haven't seen) of creating a place to store / track enhancement and feature requests? I understand that you have a finite amount of time and want to spend your time fixing / enhancing the areas that would help / affect the most people. Having a place to track all the disparate issues and requests that people have might be a good way to figure out how many people are interested in a particular issue. As a web developer kind of guy, I don't know if you've ever seen Mantis (www.mantisbt.org) but it is an open source tool that does this - uses PHP and MySQL. You can see it in action at http://mantisbt.org/bugs/my_view_page.php It also allows people to "vote" for issues, including "sponsoring" issues where people pledge money for enhancements. i.e. someone says if you add custom logging I'll donate $5 or whatever. It also allows you to prioritize issues, so people know what you are working on, and if/when certain issues will be "fixed" or added to the site Just something to consider....
    eric :)

      regoarrarr, I use a bug tracking package to track all user requests and log bugs. I prioritize them by how important it is for the site and the users. It is not publicly visible. I receive so many requests here and via email that I can't possibly remember all of them. eric Smile

        Okay - sounds like you've got something that works for you. I was just wondering since I hate to bother you with things, but on the other hand, I guess I didn't have a handle on what you were working on and if "my" issues (the ones that are important to me) was likely to ever get addressed. Not that you have to share what you're working on (and maybe you already are and I just haven't seen it) but that's where I'm coming from dan.
          The forum search is a wonderful thing. Just sayin'.

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