Join Adidas AdiPURE Class Action (Read 1089 times)

    So much less satisfying than if some guy had to write out each check for 6 cents...




    I actually threw a similar idea out just to try to screw over the lawyer.  My thought on it was that we pay out everyone their actual amount due and then let the lawyer go to the 500,000 claimants to get his share of their payment.  Company didnt go for it.

      In addition to being a runner myself, I am also a class action attorney. Adidas has recently been hit with claims that its adiPURE shoes that do not actually deliver the promised increased training efficiency and decreased risk of injury.

      I believe that shoe companies should be held accountable for misleading advertising! My colleagues and I are investigating these claims and may be pursuing the class action. If you have purchased a pair of adiPURE shoes and are interested in joining the class action, let me know.  If you do qualify to join the class action as a plaintiff, the case will be referred to and handled by a larger plaintiffs' class action law firm.

      If you are interested in more information on joining the class action as a plaintiff, note that (a) there is NO cost to you and (b) we do NOT need or want any of your personal information (SSN, credit card information, etc.).  What we will need is to hear your story concerning your experience with the shoes and confirm that you are a suitable plaintiff.



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        the only cost to you is your time and dignity.


        is that worth $40?

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          the only cost to you is your time and dignity.


          is that worth $0.40?



          It should be mathematical, but it's not.