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    So, those of you who need corrective lenses and don't wear contacts -- where do you find sunglasses with corrective lenses?

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      So, those of you who need corrective lenses and don't wear contacts -- where do you find sunglasses with corrective lenses?


      At your optician? (I don't run with glasses but I do need them for reading... thinking about getting some prescription reading sunglasses for the summer.)

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        Yep.  My eye doc has them.

          Yep.  My eye doc has them.


          Yep, getcha about anything you want including full wrap lenses, bifocals, Oakly and Rudy project frames (if you want to drop the bucks).


          I'm to the point that I have to wear tinted safety glasses with built in cheaters when I bike so I can read my bike computer. I'm to cheap to buy the perscription.

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            Bring your wallet. The prescription sunglasses can be quite expensive. Also, depending on how bad your eyes are, you may be limited on choices. My eyes are pretty bad and almost every frame I asked about the guy said "nope - too much curve" (or something like that). I found it cheaper to get a box of disposable contacts and some cheap sunglasses. This only works well when it's cool though - on hot days, the sweat has literally "washed" the contacts out of my eyes. This is not fun when you are as blind as a bat without corrective lenses and are miles from home.


            My current solution is good old transition lenses in my regular glasses. This has been working very well for me so far.

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              If your prescription hasn't changed dramatically, there might be another option. If you have a pair of old eyeglasses that aren't too different from your current ones, the doc's office might be able to apply the darker coating on them to make sunglasses. My eye doc does this and it was really cheap.


              The downsides - not useful if you have a big prescription change....and eyeglasses and sunglasses have different styling so simply darkening lenses of eyeglasses may not give you a look you like.


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                Yeah, I've always just bought regular glasses, but they tint/polarize the lenses.  So I've never had running sunglasses that look especially cool, but they work... and my current pair is the bendy titanium kind.  Lightweight stuff is an issue for me because I have such a strong prescription.


                This thread reminds me that it is time for me to get bifocals.  Sigh.  I should be kind of excited because I think "I am blind up super close" partly explains why I'm such a poor trail runner.


                  I also go the disposable contact lens route.  However, most of my runs are done at a time of day when sunglasses aren't necessary.  So the contacts are mostly just for sunny weekends.


                  The cost is a huge, huge issue for me, especially now that I'm in bifocals (for contacts, I correct one eye for near and one for far).  To get progressive lenses (the no-line bifocals), which I also need the high-index thinning for because my Rx is bad and I need to keep them lightweight, adding transitions tinting to that . . . the lenses alone would have been something like $700.  So, yeah, the contacts are a better deal for me.  I'm going to look into some clip-ons for my regular glasses for everyday.  They'd add weight, but would be fine if I'm just using them for a bit of my commute or something. 


                  Also, something to think about: polarized lenses can be a pain with LCD screens, so take that into account if you rely heavily on such objects at times you're likely to wear sunglasses.  Not an issue with non-polarized tints. 

                    If you've got your prescription you can go the cheap route online like this place. I don't have any experience with them as my prescription is so bad I wouldn't actually save any money using them... I have transitions lenses.


                      If you've got your prescription you can go the cheap route online like this place. I don't have any experience with them as my prescription is so bad I wouldn't actually save any money using them... I have transitions lenses.


                      Ditto on the Zenni Optical.  I have my regular glasses and sunglasses from them and cost under $50 for both.  Had both pair for a year and a half and no problem.  My prescription Oakley's lasted 2 months before they broke.

                        For the record, ordinary polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes against UV rays just fine.  You only need to wear sunglasses for style, or if you're more comfortable in them, or if they wrap around more than your regular glasses, thus protecting against penetration of UV from the sides.

                        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.


                          I have ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses with 80% gray tint from www.zenniopitcal.com.Glasses came within two weeks, love them. Prescription is bang on, overall very happy! Super cute! Great price! Will order again!!

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                            I have some Oakleys with my prescription, resisted for years as they were pricey but only use them for running and hikiing. For work I just use some tinted saftey glasses with readers from Gemplers or LSS as they are $12 and I annililate them pretty rapidly. Also Ono's Trading company has some really nice sunglasses with readers for much less than prescription prices.

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                              you can also get reading sunglasses at Wal Mart...just look in the fishing department.  Thats where I bought mine and they are like $18.00....lot cheaper than going thru eye doctor.

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                                Last year I went part time at work so to celebrate I bought a new bike, plus a very expensive new speedo and some wrap arounds.


                                As I wear verifocals I have only ever used clipons and I got the wrap arounds to stop the wind making my eyes water.


                                You can't get wrap arounds with varifocal but hey ho I thought as long as I can see the traffic what's the problem.


                                The problem is I can't read the bloody speedo when I wear themCry.

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