First time I've ever been ticketed while running in Chicago (Read 1481 times)

    ^^ The Chicago Marathon clearly does not take kindly to bandits.


      I run along railroad tracks every once in a while, too.  But these are places where they specifically have bike/hike/jogging paths specially set up next to these tracks, and they're separated from the track by a fence.


      But yeah, we have more than a few "trespasser strikes" here too with NJ Transit.  Usually suicides, but some freak accidents.  Actually, now I'm remembering the time as a teenager when a bunch of friends and I walked on some old railroad tracks that are elevated over a river.  I found out only recently that those tracks are, in fact, still in use, and not abandoned like we had thought.  At the time, we cracked jokes about maybe having to jump like Gordie and Vern, but we didn't think it could ever actually happen (we were lucky fools).  And there was a story in the news a couple years ago about some teens that thought it would be safe to cross a busy highway by walking over it on this train trestle:



      They thought since it was really late at night, they'd be safe, but 2 died.


      And then there are stories every once in a while about people accidentally driving onto train tracks because their GPS told them too, but now I'm really getting off topic.


      Anyways, that sucks, OP.  Paying the ticket isn't really a big deal, but having to check "I'm a convicted criminal" on every job/credit application would be a lifelong PITA.   I hope you can work things out in court so you only have to pay the ticket or something.  I kinda agree with you that if there is no fencing to keep you out and no signs warning you to keep out, a lot of people (including children) are going to assume it's OK to be there.  The train tracks here that run through residential areas and down towns all have fencing around them, and signs saying to stay the hell away.


      Also, you were wearing jean shorts in 27 degree weather?  You should have been wearing full length jeans in those temps.  Skinny jeans.  Skinny pajama jeans.



         Good thing my Insurance company has never picked up on the fact I got a ticket... I insure 2009 and 2013 vehicles (both over 30K vehicles at time of purchase), and I am only paying about $480.00 every 6 months when I renew.



        Wait a second.  FOR BOTH?!  You pay $480 every 6 months for BOTH those cars?  I pay ~$420 twice a year for ONE 1999, sensible sedan.  And my driving record is pristine, I don't live in a big city, I don't drive very many miles, I am not a 25 year-old male, and I have my auto bundled with my homeowner's insurance for a discount.


          I envision this is how runners are usually treated in Chicago

          "Famous last words"  ~Bhearn

            This is what you get when you run without a license

            "Famous last words"  ~Bhearn

              This is what you get when you run without a license


              "Are you the police?"


              "No ma'am...we're musicians."

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                train track trespasser

                and sartorial scofflaw

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                  This is what you get when you run without a license


                  From what I understand, I would have got a free ride to the police station.  That would have sucked, I was only finished with 40% of my run.

                     "Are you the police?"


                    "No ma'am...we're musicians."


                    "Calling all cars, calling all cars.  Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of  Red Bird has been approved."


                    How To Run a Marathon: Step 1 - start running. There is no Step 2.

                      Berner is now trolling the troll.  This is fantastic.

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                        As a fellow Cardinal fan and railroad yard scofflaw, and yes I used to rock the denim cutoffs back in the day, I was on your side, til you posted those pictures. That pretty clearly looks like an area meant for railroad use only, not as a public right of way. I don't think there's much use in fighting this other than presenting your evidence that the area is not clearly marked as railroad use only. But good luck, and go Cards.

                        The tangents are moot.




                          Solid thread.

                            Yep, this thread has some staying power.  How many days 'till court date?


                            Claim mental anguish and Get "The Hammer!" to defend you.




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                              I'm with Red Bird.  These "cops" are always trying to take our freedoms away and he probably thought you were an easy target (with your jean shorts).  Little did he know.  Good luck.


                              Damn straight!


                                Maybe because you're a Cardinal fan? That's my guess.