My running partner died today. Please pray... (Read 2871 times)

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    If you are up to it, I think it would do Mike a great honor if you could tell us a bit about him.  It may help you also by letting you release some of the emotion that has got to be tearing through your brain and heart.  Please share, I think all of us would love to know a bit about the man you ran with.  Introduce us to him.  Help him live on through us.


    Thanks for that request.  I've been thinking about this all day...wondering how I would react in the same situation (since 2 of my very closest friends sometimes run with me) and considering how gutted and lost I would feel.

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      Well, a bunch of us were close with a runner who died suddenly just a couple weeks ago.  The shared pain was palpable, but there were many more folks out there who were in the dark, who did not know what we were going through.  A few words shared our experience, enlightened everybody, helped us heal and helped the good man who left us live on, if just for a bit.

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        Life is short.  Sorry for your loss and for your friends' family.  Hugs to all.  Cry

        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

          My prayers tonight will be for you and for the family taken in this storm. All blessings


            So sorry you lost your friend! Positive thoughts going your way! Stay strong and feel free to talk/communicate to us as much as you need to!

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              My prayers are with his family, and with you. Life just doesn't seem to be fair or rational at times.

                We were on a 13 mile run.  We hit 8 miles and I was about 10 paces in front when I hear, "Oh shit..."

                I turn around to see my best friend collapse, unconscious.

                He had a heart attack and died. 
                I did CPR to the best of my ability, but he was dead before the EMT's arrived.


                Please pray for his family.  He leaves behind a wonderful wife and 2 kids.  


                Oh that is so sad. I can only hope his wife and kids (and you) go on living your lives as happily as you can and embrace his memory full throttle. I'm sure he would have loved that you tried your hardest to help him. Praying for him, his family and you...

                  I'm so very sorry for your loss. You and his family will be in my prayers tonight. 

                    Very sorry for the loss of your friend. I will indeed pray for your running partner!



                      I am so very sorry for your loss and the loss his family feels. You are all in my thoughts.


                        Wow. This is very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and you too. 

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                          I am so sorry.  You are in my thoughts.

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                            My condolences for the loss of your friend.

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                              Thats a really tought one --- I hope you and everyone else are coping with this tragic loss.


                              I'm very sorry for you and for his family...

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                                May God bless you and his family.  We will pray.