My running partner died today. Please pray... (Read 2871 times)


    Your probably right - That was a selfish thought with the "sex with wife" thing.  But the thought was "if my time is up ... going doing something I love to do."

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      Mark, I am so sorry for your loss.  It had to be horrible for you.  Just remember he will be running right beside you when you need him most.  In my thoughts and prayers.

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        I am very sorry about your running partner Mike.  It could have been me, too.


        I just had a triple bypass at the end of July. I feel very fortunate. All my friends were shocked that I had heart surgery. I was shocked, because my Lipid levels for years were always normal and I am rather fit.  The only slight warning I had was that my blood pressure was 130/90 during periods of no exercise.


        I usually run small distance regularly- 3 miles but had stopped exercising regularly for a few stressful months while rebuilding our burned home.   Starting back into running in July, I noticed a tightness in my chest at about 1/2 mile out.  Instead of running through the pain, I stopped and walked.  This happened consistently for the next few daily runs. I would walk, and the tightness would go away.  Then, I walked around the neighborhood after eating a large meal, and notice a slight dizziness after walking fast up a hill with my wife.  I mentioned it to her, and she scheduled me an appointment with her cariologist friend (who we both had run with before).  At the cardiologist, with my non-existent risk factors, the cardiologist scheduled me for an angiogram, but said there was a 50% chance they would find something.  I insisted on waiting after vacation to do it, which she reluctantly agreed to. She prescribed me nitro-glycerine, which I took with me on vacation everywhere in my pocket.  On vacation, I ran and swam, with the same tightness occurring, every time backing off.   After vacation, I had the angiogram. It showed 2 arteries, including he LAD 'widow-maker' 100% blocked, and another 50% blocked.   I was scheduled for heart surgery, which was delayed twice because I was not an emergency case. 


        I pulled through very well and am one month later walking up to 6 miles per day. 

        I carry my nitro on every walk, not so much for me, but for my friends.   If someone feels tightness, I give them a pill.  If it stops the pain, they have a heart situation, and we walk home.  If it does not stop the pain in 5 minutes, call 911.    But runners, remember this:  IF YOU FEEL TIGHTNESS, STOP. GET IT CHECKED.

          I am so sorry!  That had to be just horrible for you!  I will most certainly lift his family up in prayer as well as you.  Not only did you loose your best friend and running partner but had to experience it!  Prayers are with you!Sad  Thank you for sharing Mike with us.  Like so many other posters, I too sat here and cried for a man I never met. 

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            I carry my nitro on every walk, not so much for me, but for my friends.   If someone feels tightness, I give them a pill.  


            I am very glad you got checked out and are ok.  However the practice I quoted above can be dangerous to your friends.  Do you know what other medications they may be on?  Do you know what nitro interacts with?  This is a prescription medication for a reason.  Please, unless it's an emergency, leave the medicating to the physician.

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              Mark -  My prayers to Mike's family and to you and all those who obviously were blessed to have him in your life, even if for but short time.  There is pain of losing someone so deeply loved, but there is comfort in knowing he is with our Heavenly Father. 

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                Really quite tragic to die when you doing what you love best.


                My heart goes out to his wife and kids.


                And Mark your a brave friend.


                May his soul rest in peace. 



                  Hey friends - 

                  Help me out here...

                  I recently posted this in the "Racing" forum:


                  I've got a transfer entry for the Marine Corps Marathon coming up on 10/30. If you've not heard my story - it's for my best bud who died of a massive heart attack 4 weeks ago while we were training together for the race. I've got his wife's permission to transfer it. Let me know if anyone is interested in running in Mike's place. I think it's a $30 transfer fee you'd have to pay. Thanks, Mark 



                  So my question now is this: Why hasn't this generated any responses?  Is there something I don't know? Is it bad karma to run a race in place of a man who's passed away?  Is there something taboo here?  I'm just curious.  I'd really be honored to have someone from this RA community run for Mike - perhaps it's just that it's only 6 weeks away and not much notice?  Or am I missing something...

                  Any help would be great.

                    I can only speak for myself:  I actually didn't connect the two posts. Also, I only scanned the other post. It looked like a bib exchange for a race I couldn't make, so I didn't reply. My guess is it was the fame for most folks. 


                    I hope you are doing better.

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                      That makes total sense - and that was my initial thought, too.  Like I said - I was just checking to see if I'm out of the loop on something.  Smile


                        Same as Nader.  I'm too far away.  If I were more local, I may have said yes.

                        I hope all is well for you and your circle of friends (home, extended family, and church).

                        Best wishes,

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                          Mark, if I was not running a marathon on 10/16 I would seriously consider it. I hope someone can do it for you but I would not come to any sad conclusions if no one can.


                          You're a great friend and I think we all admire what you are trying to do for Mike.





                            Mark, thanks for sharing about your friend. I think a bit of Mike with be with each of us the next time we go out to run after reading your words about him. We should all be so blessed to have such a good friend in our lives, even if our time with them isn't as long as we'd hoped.

                             So true.