Summer Training (Read 448 times)

    Hi, so I'm going to be a sophomore next year and I run CC and track.  Last summer I ramped up my milage to fast and injured myself and missed most of the CC season.  I'm in pretty good shape and a few weeks ago I ran a 17:40 5k in a community race after a tempo run and without any tapering.  I'm looking for advice on how to train over the Summer or any kind of model training plans to follow.  Thanks for your help!


      Hey buddy, I just graduated from highschool and I can tell you that I had a major improvement during the summer of my freshman year to my sophomore year. My summer training consisted of 5 miles a day with one long run. I ran 5-6 days out of the week. I did weights twice a week and had a 4 mile tempo every week. Consistency is key and so is a healthy diet.

        ok thanks, i'll try to do something like that and thats good advice.  and what do you consider a long run?  for me right now it's like 6-8 but I could probably start going longer. 


        One other thing, I have a school trip coming up and won't be able to run for a week, how should I compensate for that?