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    I have purchased Asics DS Trainer size 11 (UK). Usually I wear sports shoes of size 10 UK. But after reading reviews that this model runs 0.5 size shorter, i purchased 1 size larger. Now my dilemma is that length wise I am having a gap of 1 inch between toe and shoe edge. But width wise, the shoe fits fine.



    1) Is running affected if I run in loose shoes which has 1 inch gap between shoe and toe/heel?

    2) If I return this and get size 10, will the width also decrease? If yes, by how much?


      Why didn't you try them on BEFORE you bought them, that is usually the best approach to buying shoes. Those are some damn good questions you axe, #1 probably, a one inch gap seems kinda big, at least to me.

      #2- Why don't you buy a 10.5 instead of the 10, and no the shoe shouldn't decrease in width.


        There is no 10.5 option at my place. Also, since I bought online, there was no option to try.

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             and no the shoe shouldn't decrease in width.

            Incorrect.  Larger shoes are wider than smaller ones.  Otherwise small sizes would look like snowshoes and larger ones like skis.

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              The difference in  the width from a 10 to an 11should be negligible.

              Oh roo roooo!

                There is no 10.5 option at my place. Also, since I bought online, there was no option to try.


                This is why it's a great idea to buy shoes from your local running store instead of online.  If I was you, I'd stick to purchasing shoes "in person", at least until you feel pretty secure in what size and type of shoe works for you.


                  1" is too big a gap. Some manufactures make running shoes to wd if you have a narrow or wd foot.

                  Buy from a local running store is  best but if you can't use Zappos free shipping both ways  Belks you can buy online and return to local store.

                    FWIW - I have nearly a 1" gap in my shoes and it doesn't seem to bother me.  Part of the reason for this is because I deal with Morton's toe (2nd toe longer than my big toe) so this takes some of the beating off of my toe when I do my long runs after swelling starts to set in.   (I know, they make special shoes, with a bigger toe box for people with Morton's toe, but that seems like a lot of work since what I am doing works just fine)


                    I'd say try it out and see if you even notice much of a difference after a few runs.


                    Regarding buying online vs. local.  I too will buy my shoes online, however, when it comes to trying out a new model, I will generally buy that local to make sure I am comfortable with the fit etc.  If I like it, then I will comfortably buy more of that exact shoe online.


                      Guys, I got a smaller size shoe but i think it is too tight for me. See the image below. Althought the length is fine but the height is too small since my toe is pushing against the upper mesh. Why is this happening? WIll the shoe expand or should I return the shoe?


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                        It may just not be the right shoe for you. Fit can affect things with your gait and comfort over time. Plus, any barrier to keep you from running is bad, and shoe problems can suck the life out of your running joy. I'd go try on more shoes and find a better fitTing option. There are lots of other options in lightweight mild stability shoes like the ds trainer out there.


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                          With few exceptions, if the shoe is not comfortable while you are trying it on, it will not work for running.  Be picky...it's worth it.

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