Adidas AdiZero Rush 2 (Read 93 times)

Thats rad

    I've put about 130 miles on these shoes (the ones mentioned in the topic) and I still haven't found out what the heel-to-toe drop is. I was told that these weren't minimalist shoes, just lightweight shoes, because I don't want to get into the whole minimalist/barefoot/forefoot strike crap, just not enough time.


    Also, I think I might just be over analyzing my gait, but I feel like I have transitioned to be a slight mid-foot strike. A little more so in my left foot, but the initial point of pressure is about 30-40% up my foot (from the back). I know this is kinda the boundary of heel-strike and mid-foot, but I don't point my toes up as much as a heel striker, so I don't know.


    I guess I just want some peace of mind because my left calf has been hurting. Hurts slightly towards the inside and right around the lower gastrocnemius and upper achilles tendon.