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    Lindso, I don't have advice, but I do have a request. More pictures of Webster!

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      LOL. He is cute isn't he! These are the only pics that I have right now..... Webster Photobucket
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        When you're ready to start running, grab a Gentle Leader (no, it's NOT a muzzle of any sort!) and get your dog used to it. My dogs didn't like it at first, but it's a wonderful way to keep them from pulling. You can get them at most pet stores, but don't buy a knock off...they don't work as well, IMHO. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2751500

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          dogs are great runners, I've seen a dog run multiple 4:30 miles in a row. just be careful in the heat. labs are covered in fur and they get dehydrated and overheated.
            congrats on your new pup! I love chocolate labs!! I have a 1 year old lab/shepherd mix that I run with all the time. He's a great running companion. This popped up on my IGoogle page just a few days ago. Thought you might find it useful. http://running.about.com/od/safetyissuesandtips/tp/runningwithdogs.htm Here's a pic of my boy with his new backpack. http://www.elrodtribe.com/mojo2.jpg I keep his water and bowl in one side and my water in the other. He can also carry his own poop bag when there's no trashcan around.
              When it's hot, wet the dog down first. It helps. When he gets older, make it a point to find a race that allows dogs. I did several 10k's with my old Savannah, and it was a blast!!!

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                I LOVE running with my dog. Suka is up to 10 miles with me, and he'd like to go further, but it's getting a little warm outside right now for him to do anything more. He's four years old now, and we didn't start running him until he was one year old. We wanted to make sure he developed properly first, since Siberians have to be watched closely for loose hips and joints - hip dysplasia is common in the breed. Congrats on your lab - he will be so fun to run with when he gets older! I LOVE his name. Very cute. Smile
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                  thanks again for all the great advice! By the time Webster is ready I am going to be a pro! LOL. Anzura--cool backpack thing! Where did you get it?
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                    I agree with all of the advice on waiting until the dog is older. With a big breed like a lab I would talk to a breeder or someone that trains them to hunt to find out when they feel safe to run them hard. Labs are bred to run ... but they are big so I think they may be more prone to chronic injuries from running them too soon. My dogs topped out at around 15 miles before they start to break. Breaking usually includes blisters on their paws. We do mostly trail running so my 15 is probably 18 or 20 for them. My dogs are now 10 and 8 years old and they can still do 8 to 10 miles without much problem. Be careful with heat and hydration. My dogs cannot really take much over 80 - 85 degrees if there is no water to cool them off in. I always carry water for them to drink but when it’s hot they really need to get themselves wet to cool off. It’s also good to teach them how to drink from anything. My dogs will drink from a camelback hose, plastic bag, my hand or their favorite creeks or lakes.
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                      Anzura--cool backpack thing! Where did you get it?
                      I got it at REI. There's a ton of different brands. This one is the REI brand. Just as nice and not as pricey. I think I'm mostly going to use it for our hikes this spring/summer and runs over 4 or 5 miles depending on if I run by/near a creek or not.

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                        Like everyone else said, wait until the dog is at least a year old. Start him out walking. Leash train him so he doesn't lunge at other dogs, squirrels, deer, people, etc. You must be alpha dog. Depending on where you live, be extremely cautious if it's warm. What seems like a mild day to you can cause heatstroke for a dog, which doesn't sweat, and whose brown coat absorbs sunlight. Be very alert for any signs of injury, lameness, or heat problems. Dogs will not show weakness if they see you are going out and they will try to keep up until they drop. Take pepper spray, for other dogs who might attack your dog (or for two-legged predators). You are responsible for protecting him. It happens.

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                          Lindso , Beautiful puppy ! I have run over 700 miles so far this year, and my dog Buddy has been there for all but about 30 of them. Puppies bones take about 2 years to form ,so you have to be gentle with them.I'm sure you'll be smart about it. In time ,talk to your vet about it.The trick for me is to have a real good hydration plan for my dog. In 70* temp he goes through about 16 oz of water an hour. I also try to run routes (trails) that he can swim periodically to keep from over heating. Other than that, good luck with him and he'll be the best running partner you can have! Smile





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                            The one piece of advice I can give you is to wait a year before running the pup. During this time is when they have their bone and cartledge growth and you don't want to hurt that process.
                            I couldn't agree with this more! You need to wait at least a year before allowing your pup to place the kind of physical demands that running requires on his joints. This is especially important with dogs that are prone to hip dysplasia... like your Chocolate Lab! Smile Enjoy your new baby! I'm sure he'll make a great running companion in time.

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                              I just did my first run with Jake today, he's a miniature pinscher / jack russel terrier. I have always wondered if he would be a suitable companion but I had some doubts because he is on the small side. I finally did some research and found that some small breeds handle the miles quite well, and I decided that he would be just fine. He gets regular exercise already, at least 2-3 times a week we walk around the two small lakes in town which can take up to two hours and most of that time he is free of the leash (I know, I know) so he spends a lot of time running, then we come home and he still wants to chase the b-a-l-l around the house.


                              Today was a great day as far as the weather goes, mid 50's and a cool breeze. I figured we could do my normal route and just take as long as he needed to since it is definitely the most distance he's ever done. At first we had to stop a couple times so he could evacuate the bowels but then we settled into a pace and made it to the 3 mile mark and I gave him a break to catch his breath. He barely showed any fatigue so we kept the pace for about a mile and then I think he started getting tired. He was a shelter dog so I don't know if anyone has trained him to run before but he was very good at staying next to me up until this point when he started to hang back a little, from then on he ran behind me using my shadow as shade. At mile 5 we took a break so he could drink from the creek and down further at 6 the creek was deep enough for him to jump in and soak for a moment. He didn't seem to be panting heavily and was still plenty interested in moving around so we finished the last two miles, just a little slower than the previous ones.

                              He is definitely a little sluggish around the house tonight but has no visible limp or trouble jumping, still got a fat belly too. I am used to running alone, and I always go out a little fast, so I think next time I'll pull back a little for him in the beginning. I also need to get him used to drinking out of a water bottle, especially when it warms up. I also might look into getting him some booties since there are 3 miles of gravel, and for protection against the hot pavement. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good pair? I will probably get a harness too so he doesn't have the leash swinging in his face so much. I'm super stoked to take him to the pet store and get all his new gear!

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                                I have no data, but agree with the sentiment to wait a year to do any real running.  That will give plenty of time to work on obedience and commands.  Having the dog scoot across in front of you and pull the leash across you knees midstride is no fun!


                                My biggest concern with running dogs is heat.  Be very careful.  My spaniel used to do 4 miles daily with my wife, no issues, but he really needed water and the car's AC on the way home.  However running at a faster pace with me he got hot much more quickly.  He once did 10 miles with me on a 70-73 degree day, but we were doing a 1/2 mile loop on my property and every loop he's spend 10-20 seconds neck-deep in our pond.

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