Cycling Cross-Training Suggestions? (Read 740 times)

Spin Chick

    So as you can probably guess, I am an avid cyclist.  It is usually my primary form of recreation/exercise during warm months.


    I want to do some races (5K, 10K), though, and am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to incorporate running training and cycling of between 50-75 miles/week?


    I already run, but am a beginner to true training.

    Princess Cancer Pants

      Perhaps try something like a duathlon training plan.  That will give some focus to both of your sports.  I really like the plans in this Gale Bernhardt book.  She has plans for beginner and experienced athletes (dus, tris...sprint to IM distance).


      I've been generally doing 3 days of running with 3-4 days on the bike most weeks this year.  Some strength work thrown in (when it's not hotter 'n the pits of Hades in the house).  It's a nice balance.  I never feel burned-out by either sport.

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