half marathon tomorrow! omg i have like nothing to wear! (Read 224 times)

    So in further proof that tapering eats your brain, I can't decide what to wear for my HM tomorrow. Anyone want to give me some advice? It's going to be about 60 at the start, but possibly cloudy, and a bit warmer at the finish, maybe 65 and getting sunny.


    It has been suggested to me that this is totes shorts and sport bra weather, but I'm not so sure. Sounds chilly. Plus I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone run in shorts and a sport bra here in Berlin. It might make me look like I think I'm hot stuff, and if there's one thing you want to avoid in Germany, it's people thinking you think you're hot stuff.


    ANYWAY. Capris + singlet (&armwarmers??)? Shorts + t-shirt? Compression socks? Help a blonde out.


    MTA: I do plan on racing, as opposed to doing it as a training run, and I sweat a lot when I run fast. In case that makes a difference.

      To me that is very warm for a race this early in the season.

      At that temperature I am sure you will not be chilly, normally the problem is to get cool enough.

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        I'd go with singlets and shorts.  I'd skip the arm warmers.  And, I don't know anything about compression socks.  And, even though it's cloudy, I would wear a visor and/or sunglasses.  Visor soaks up the sweat and sunglasses can screen out early morning glare.

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          Wear what you'd wear running if it was 20F warmer than the temp at the start.

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            For a half last month, I got some cheap sweats at Goodwill & left them at the side of the road when the race started.  It was nice to be warm for all the waiting around before the start.  The 20 degree rule is great - I take wind into consideration, though, because I really hate to be cold.


            Have a great race!

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              I just checked out your blog.........if I were you, I'd dress just like you did in the pictures of you in your blog....


              Singlet and shorts........

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                Singlet and shorts - but you don't want to get cold waiting around at the start. Take something warm that you don't mind dumping or take a spectator friend with you so that you can hand clothes to them at the last minute. Additionally, or alternatively, use some large plastic bags/sheeting that you can just dump.


                Races should be set up for collecting this stuff ... its part of what you pay your entrance fee for.

                  After 10 miles whatever you are wearing you will wish you were wearing less. Cool


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                    I agree with the others, but you could get chilly before and after the race.  Can you wear sweats/jacket and slip them off just before the race?

                    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                      Wear what you'd wear running if it was 20F warmer than the temp at the start.


                      That advice looks familiar.  And accurate. :-)

                      Too many folks overdress because it is chilly at the start, then start throwing all kinds of things off 10 minutes into the run...

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                        hi!!! very nice that you are racing tomorrow Smile


                        The half marathon races completed had starting temperatures of 45-50F and finishing like at 60F at the most. First time i sleveeless shirt,  light jacket and shorts (all prepared to dry quick), next two times i was wearing  a Nike dri-fit  and a lululemon long sleeve shirt, with shorts. You only feel a little cold before you start running, once you get going you forget about that with all the excitement haha, have fun!

                          Sounds very similar to my race tomorrow.  HM, 15C at the start.  What I'm doing is shorts and a wicking t-shirt (that way you avoid the 'hot stuff' thing a bit) for the race.  Beforehand, I'm gonna wear an old pair of sweats that I don't mind donating to charity so my legs don't get cold.

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                            Shorts, trainers, club vest, little bit of snot on your face from about 8 miles out.

                            Do what you want, just how you like. Nobody has to know.



                              Joining the others in saying that the 20 degree rule has never failed me.  I once wore two tech shirts (a short sleeve over a long sleeve) with gloves and pants in 22 degree weather, and had zero issues once the event began.


                              I would dress as if it is 80 degrees, because that is what it will feel like at some point beginning around mile 1.

                                thanks all for the wise advice! I'm hearing loud and clear that less is more, so I've opted for my second most ridiculous pair of ridiculously short shorts, a short sleeved tech tee, and sunglasses (good call julia1971!)


                                Looks like bright sunshine right now, so will definitely be warm right from the start. (am typing on my phone and can't get the bold button to unbold, sorry...)


                                thanks again everyone.


                                MTA: (still in bold, yes) - you guys were spot on. Bright sunshine, no clouds, who knew 65F could feel so brutal? I ditched my shirt after 4km!