HM PR last weekend (Read 686 times)


    I have been running about 2 years...


    Last Saturday was my 4th HM, I am proud to say my times just keep getting better with good training.


    Here is my 4 HM times to date:


    Nov 08     2:45:00

    Dec 08    2:47:36 

    Nov 09     2:10:00

    March 10   1:58:42


    It feels great to see that kind of improvement and motivates me to keep going.  I am going to do my first full this fall so we will see how that goes.  That was something I never though I had in me when I was running in my first 2 HM races!


      That is great improvement.... woohoo!


        outstanding improvement!!
          Taking over 45 minutes off your HM PR in a little over a year is awesome.  You'll probably have a lot more success in the future as well if you stick with this running business.

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            Nice work in just 2 years, you'll have more years of improvement ahead to look forward to!

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