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    Holy Smokes Lynn! Fantastic Job! I didn't get a chance to log in on the weekend to add to the incredibly long thread, but I did think about you as I was out running, and hiking, and such Smile You're such an inspiration! Well done!
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      The limits of our species are endless. Thanks for showing all of us that Lynn. I can only imagine the pain you must have felt and the drive you needed to keep going. No other way of saying it, YOUR THE MAN!
      Run World, Run.
        WTG!!! Your definetly an inspiration!!! Here I am in Florida at the ex's house and having problems with connecting to internet but I HAD too to find out how you did and how your feeling.

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          Smile. And, believe it or not, that's all I have to say. Wink

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            Wow. Amazing. No words can adequately convey how impressed I am with your accomplishment! Robin



              Awesome! Shocked Really awesome. WTG! Big grin

              Now that was a bath...

                Lynn - I worship at the church of your determination. Yes Superb effort! Claire xxx
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                  I am completely in awe of your accomplishment. I can't even imagine running that long and that far. Congratulations!