Upload from Strava? (Read 26 times)


    I've been using my iphone, or specifically my Strava app to track my outdoor milage lately.  My Garmin is dead and I can't seem to find the charger (I recently moved, it's probably in a box somewhere).


    Can I somehow import from Strava into RA?  And if so, would it double up any runs that I previously loaded into strava from my garmin and also loaded onto RA?


    I keep everything in an excel spreadsheet, since a lot of my miles are indoor on the treadmill.  Is there a way I could upload all of THOSE into RA?  I'd have to figure out how to delete the existing RA runs then, because they'd all be in the excel spreadsheet and would also get double-entered.

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      You cannot import directly from Strava. You can download files from Strava onto your computer, and upload the files into RA. Unfortunately from Strava I think you need to download one file at a time, which will be time consuming, but you should be able to do a mass upload into RA. And I think you will lose any equipment data (e.g. shoes) in the transfer. Not sure about the doubling up, but I guess if you have to download one at a time anyway, you will only download the missing ones.


      Someone else will need to answer your spreadsheet questions.