Ability to delete workout types or select a default (Read 32 times)


    Every time I swim I do FreeStyle.  Always. But I also must always select that type from the list ("BackStroke", Breast Stroke, etc").  It would be nice if I could either delete those other types or select FreeStyle as my default.


      You can edit your workout types in any activity, but cannot delete them.  The individual workout types are then displayed in alphabetical order, so the one that is your first one alphabetically for that activity is your default workout type.


      To edit:

      1.  Click on Options in upper right.

      2.  Click on Manage My Activities block.

      3.  Click on Swim

      4.  Click on first workout (Backstroke) and edit name to whatever you want and click Save button.

      5.  Edit others so they come after your "default" workout alphabetically (maybe add a "z" in front of each) and click Save button.

      6.  Click Save to exit the Activity.