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    hi - i'm running/biking - i wonder if i supply myself with enough nutrition since i'm a vegetarian? - is there any particular food that anybody would recommend as an excellent source of protein, beside the usual 'beans,nuts,eggs,cheese'? - thanks week later so there are no vegetarians amongs you? - oh, how sad?! - or nobody wants to share the great secret with me?! (that must be it...)

      Have you tried the soy based protein shakes? I'm not a vegitarian and I usually stick with whey or egg based shakes but have tried some soy products. Miso soup is a good (I believe it's a soy) bean curd based soup. Toss in some tofu and green onions for a nice pick-me-up between meals. I know there are some gel packs and energy drinks out there that have a bit of protein in them but am not sure what kind they use. It sounds like you're not a "total" vegitarian and do consume some eggs and dariy. That with the legumes and nuts should provide you all the protein you'll need.
        thanks for the tips - soy, tofu - yes - i try not to eat too much of that - i'm a pure vegetarian, not a vegan - vegan's don't do dairy, eggs, etc. i probably do get enough protein, it's just that sometimes i feel like i'm running out of steam! - like i don't have enough energy to run/bike?

          How long have you been vegetarian. I've stopped counting, but it's got to be close to 15 years. The number one question I get from skeptics is how I get my protein. I really don't worry about it. I eat eggs once or twice a week, some cheese but not much, and a lot of vegetables, especially brocoli and raw spinach. I eat some soy based foods, too. And I love beans. But since I started running about two years ago, I haven't increased my protein intake. I eat a lot more carbs, and that does it for me.
            thanks gig - carbs, hm - that sounds interesting - i've been veggie for about 6 years - i do eat a lot of vegetable too - i'll try to increase the carbs, that could be a good point to start! - thanks again for the advice!

              So, I'm curious. Are there any other vegetarian runners out there?

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                I'm not a vegetarian (far from it, LOL), but are you getting enough iron? That could be one cause for losing steam. Green veggies do have a lot of iron, but without red meat I wonder if it's enough. Maybe try taking an iron supplement and see how that goes. Or even have your PCP do a hematocrit test to see if you have a high enough level in your blood. Anemia can make a person VERY lethargic--something I know from personal experience. HTH, k

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                  I am a vegetarian. I get my proteins from the sources you listed. Lots of egg whites and nuts and beans/soy.

                    I've heard the iron issue before. I've been anemic since I was a kid, more that 20 (or 30) years ago. When I first gave up meat, the staples of my diet were cheese and chocolate. That wasn't so good for my health, and so I had to start taking iron supplements. Now that I've incorporated some greens into my diet, the anemia is rarely an issue. Every once in a while, I get a slight lethargy feeling. Sometimes I can get rid of it by drinking more water, but I do keep some iron supplements on hand.