When did you start running with your baby in the jogger? (Read 86 times)


    I'm wondering how soon other parents started running with their babies. I mostly walk with my 3-month old in a bob rev. with the infant seat adapter. We've run together once  - slow and short distance, but  I think I'll wait till she's a little older.

    It would be much easier to get more running done if I was doing it with her.


    So, how long did you wait to run with your baby? How did it go?



      I started running with my little lady once I was given the all-clear from my doctor at 6 weeks. She was in the infant seat with the adaptor and I just ran on a flat path. The path was smoother than the streets in our area. She slept 90% of the time.


        When my daughter was ~6 weeks we started walking her in the stroller. (in car seat adapter etc).


        It would be closer to 6 months before we really started running, though part of that was time of year. DW would not have been happy with my running with her in a cold January.

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          5 weeks with infant adapter.  And only that long because I had a c-section and wasnt supposed to run myself before then.


          theyre in the car seat with the infant adaptor, runniNg is less jarring than the car.  They can do it as soon as you can I think Smile



          she lived it.  Great way to get a 90 min run and nap done!