Suggestion - HandyRunner GPS Sample Frequency Setting Parameter (Read 306 times)


    I love handyrunner - an exceedingly useful app !


    It appears that handyrunner is taking a GPS Location sample every second. (number of samples in the GPX file / time of the run)  With this frequency the error in the GPS readings on my phone is compounding itself to create a noticeable error in the overall distance - it appears to read about 5% high.   


    Besides, if I look at the map at too high a resolution it looks like i'm lurching all over the road.  I know my style is not what it could be, but I know that I'm not that bad !


    I'd suggest that the GPS Sample frequency be a Settings parameter in the next version of the App.  I suspect that if I set it to perhaps a GPS reading every 10 seconds I would not have the same level of error in distance or in the path on the map.




         Steve McKinnon