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    After a painful DNF and a forced break I am starting to run again. First very carefully with an easy run, days of rest and another easy run. But now I have done two faster 5k runs in the last four days, and it feels *good*! And no pain! I am still very careful though. No long distances, no training at my club and lots of rest days. I have not signed up for any races either. But just to be running again is a big relief. Phew! I'm still here... Smile bas

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      What happened? I want details!

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        Bas, I'm right there with ya!! And it feels so good to be back out there again, regardless of how fast or slow I currently am.


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            Good luck to you, Bas. I wasn't aware that you were that badly injured. Take care of yourself. One comment for you: you should definitely be careful, but you might not want to take TOO many rest days in between runs. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but after I injured my ankle before Christmas, I just rested and rested, waiting for it to heal. It kept hurting. Finally on January 1st, after 8 days of no training, I said screw it and ran 12 miles. And then ran for 35 straight days. Today, almost 400 miles later, I feel better than I ever have. I'm definitely not suggesting that approach, just thought I'd offer what happened to me. I think when you're coming back from an injury, there's a balance to find between easy running and total rest, and going too far either way might be counter-productive. If you get frustrated with your progress, you might try actually running a little more rather than a little less. Again - not a suggestion. Just something to think about. For me, after a few days, the rest was just making it worse. The gentle running relieved the stiffness, and sped up the healing. (But I'm not paying your hospital bill if you make your injury worse Smile )
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              I am afraid of overdoing it, but I will definitely run some more this weekend - it feels too good not to. The spot on the left Achilles tendon is still very sensitive. Still, I have managed to run without pain. I will try to keep myself moving without ending up in the hospital. I have to be careful: If JK won't pay my hospital bills, who will? Big grin

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                LOL. You could always move to NZ and run with Claire! Welcome back, Panda. Big grin

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