Swim distance difficult to enter on Handy Runner App (Read 302 times)




    I am slowly increasing my swimming, but at the moment my average workout is 500-800 yards. 


    When entering the workout in the Handy Runner app I have my distance set to YD.  When you open the dialog box for the WORKOUT DISTANCE, you can use the + or - to set the distance, but it is not practical to try to hold down the + to go to 500.  If I use the - to try to go backwards it defaults to 100.


    Any way to allow direct text entry?  What I do now is use the app to enter the workout and just put in 5 yards.  Then later when I remember I go into the website and edit the distance to what it should be (500 yards).


    Thanks for the app and website, love them so far.


    Android 2.3.7 on a Nexus One


      You should contact the app developer because Handy Runner is not created by RunningAHEAD.


      eric Smile