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    I've been training for Marine Corp, which is this weekend.  I have had no real issues through the full training program.  During taper, i notced some issues with my IT band.  Now one week before the race, and my IT band hurts during a 4 mile easy run.  What should I do??  Any advise to get me through the race...  i was on track for a 3:30, but now i just want to get through it.

      I would recommend a visit to a sports/running oriented physical therapist.  I encountered ITB problems in the middle of marathon training and struggled for a several weeks trying to keep my training mileage near my plan.  When I went for PT, I received an evaulation and a stretching/exercise plan that enabled me to return to normal mileage on my next planned run.  This carried through my weekend long run and for the remainder of marathon training.  According to the PT, since the problem had not progressed to the extreme I was able to get immediate help.

      I see your profile shows you are in Frederick MD.  That's not so far from the PT I went to in Greencastle PA - Peak Performance Physical Therapy.  Sorry to sound like a commercial, but I really was helped and finished training and met my goal time in the marathon.

      Best wishes for a good run at MCM.  I am registered too and will run it with my son on his first marathon.


      MTA:  Oh yeah.  On each PT visit there were intense massage treatments to loosen up the tight spot(s).  And eventually I got a foam roller for self treatment.

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        I want to second what chuckstone suggested. My friend and I are both running Marine Corp this Sunday as well. He had a really bad IT band problem several months ago to the point where he stopped running altogether for a month. Then he went to PT and it helped him get better over time, and now he is back to almost where he was at before the injury.


        This PT does this needle therapy.  Apparently its similar to very deep tissue massage but works a bit faster by finding trigger points. It's quite painful but he really feels like it works. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland so if you are interested I could look it up.


        Coincidentally, both him and I are also going for a 3:30. Good luck with whatever you decide to get through this. If you don't end up going for the time goal, hopefully you can just enjoy a race through Washington.

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          Here's my experience, FWIW:


          I started having IT band issues in one leg during the taper for a marathon last year. It really worried me and I wasn't sure what to do, but I bought one of these straps and it actually worked really well for me for the race. For me, the pain was on the outside of the knee, and the strap is designed to prevent the IT band from rubbing back and forth on the "knob" (epicondyle?) on the outside of your knee while you run.


          The strap worked really well for the race. I had no issues at all. But it doesn't fix anything permanently, so long term you'll want to start doing some type of rehab/therapy to resolve the real problem. I never went to a PT, but I spent a lot of time over the next several months doing stretches and using a massage stick to roll out my quads (especially the outside) frequently. 


          In my case, I had a foot injury after the marathon and wound up not running for 6 weeks anyways. I kept up with the the stretching and rolling during this period and did some cross training, and at the time I wasn't sure if it was really helping my IT band issue. It still felt tight sometimes, especially at night. Once I started back to low mileage running, though, the IT band problems were gone almost immediately. I half wondered if NOT running was prolonging the tightness. I'm a lot more careful about stretching and rolling now, and trying not to run as much when I'm already tight.