Goals (Read 478 times)

    Eric, 1. Great site. Thanks for all of your hard work. 2. When you get time I think a page to keep track of fitness goals would be helpful. I envision simply a table with 6 columns: Date Added [date], Goal [free-form text], Goal Date [date], Days Until Goal Date [integer], Complete [check box], Comments [free-form text]. Example: 11/16/06 | Run a sub 50 min 10k | 6/15/06 | 210 Days | | Using NYRR Training plan. 11/04/06 | Qualify for Boston | 11/05/06 | 0 Days | Complete | I finally did it! Thank you
      jefleisc, I've added your request to the queue. I like to group them by the area they belong to, and I feel that it goes well with the training plan. I'm scheduling to work on that early next year, with the hopes that it'll be completed by the summer. eric Smile
        Great! Thanks!