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    To add or respond to AK's long post.....


    First, I don't use a numeric scale for RPE, I just use "easy", "medium", "hard".  Much simpler that way, and I know what they mean.


    Which is, to me, the most important thing in this discussion:  No matter what methodology you use to monitor your training load, you have to be certain that you understand it and are consistent with its implementation.


    If you use HR, and you determine that your upper limit should be X, then run most of your runs no higher than X.  How you actually get there is probably not as important as being consistent in using those numbers, and then re-evaluating them on a regular basis.  Which is why I don't really like formulas, as they don't often take into account training effects very well.


    Good points. Thanks. I do have a place where I record easy, medium, hard, but they tend to be a compound observation, not limited to cardio only. For instance, hard downhill running (low cardio, lots of leg pounding), running in strong winds (>50mph), slogging through fresh snow, etc.  I used to be not very good at recognizing when I was doing too much, so tended to overlog things.

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      Don't think that I've ever had that problem. 


      I have had my HR get up to 220ish and wanted to do some fact-finding on why it could happen. I recollect on the Garmin forums, that if you get too close to high voltage lines or other sources of electromagnetic disturbances, it might interfere with the readings on the HRM.


      In any case, i do remember that dcrainmaker had this to say.

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