rookie runner wondering what plan to use to aim for a half marathon (Read 483 times)

    A little background, I began couch to 5k about a year ago, stuck with it but had to dial back as I pushed harder than my body was ready, although I never really injured myself, my knees started to object to stairs and heels. By this summer I was ready to add one hour runner, I have been very comfortable adding those miles, always feel comfortable at the end, and could go a little further. I should add I have never been a runner, active yes, but hated running as it always seemed a struggle so I am thrilled that I have figured it out and enjoy stepping out my house with my dog and going for a run. 


    I have raced 3 5ks, an unusual 4.2mile bridge run, and I am entered in a 5 mile and 6k in the next few weeks. 


    So now I am ready to add another goal, there is a half marathon in March which I thought might be a good goal. 


    That said realistically running 3-4 days is about all I can manage, especially as the weather is going to start causing me problems and I find treadmills hard on the knees, plus I train regularly in another sport which is my priority.


    If you look at my times and wonder why race times have been slower or the same than training it is because I am aided in training by my dog, we run canicross style. Over the last year I feel like I have learned to pace myself, and find that my times are slowly improving as I increase my distance. The only other thing I can think of is I do not run/walk only run.


    So the question is what sort of plan should I follow.

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      At your stage of the game something like Hal Higdon's online program would be fine:



      Be sure to keep it slow as you increase your mileage.

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        Hi Allie..... I just started running this year as well... I ran multiple "training" runs of my targeted race distances before the actual race. I started w/ 5K's and progressed thru 15K's this year. The one time I ran a Half Marathon (training run), I realized at 10 miles that I was beginning to feel pain. It took me weeks to recover. It's great to set your goals high,,, as long as you know when to adjust! I'd hold off signing up for a half Marathon Race until I could comfortably cover that distance pain free. Good Luck!!!!!