Ambit2 R tcx upload missing HR in table (Read 24 times)


    Hi Eric,


    I just got myself an Ambit2 R and uploaded my first workout using it. I exported a .tcx from movescount and then uploaded the file to RA.




    I noticed a couple of quirks. The most obvious one is the missing HR data in the table. However, the HR graph does show up nicely. Another minor issue was that the first lap was null. I can simply delete it, not a big deal. I left it in and placed two small values in the duration and distance fields so you can check them out if you care to.



      Hi Wing,
      Could you send me the tcx file so I can take a look?  Thanks!


      eric Smile


        I sent you a file over the weekend. I noticed another thing, after I change the split interval distance in the table, the HR columns will show up with HR data! So the problem was only in the default view.