Chicago Runners: Shamrock Shuffle 2013 (Read 210 times)

    A quick note for Chicago area runners or others interested in running the very popular 40,000 runner Shamrock Shuffle 8K in downtown Chicago on April 7, 2013: registration is now open as of 12/3.  In the past registration for this race has not opened until 1/2, but race officials changed the date this year.  The race historically sells out in 4-8 weeks, so don't put it off too long if you plan to run.

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      For any of the Chicago area runners that are interested, a new group was just set up this week (the old one hadn't had a post in years). Badger is doing a fantastic job with it, and has been putting together a race calendar. I can't link because I am on a rotary phone, but you can find it under "Windy City Runners".

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