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    I have been chasing a goal for many years now to break 2:50 in the marathon.  I finally did it today in Tulsa at the Route 66 Marathon and won the Masters' division in 2:46:47.  Very pleased, thank the Lord, to run well on a what is not an easy course on what was not an easy day.  In the 26th mile, when I knew fairly certainly that I had it, it was a wonderful feeling, even though I had to swim through a sea of 2:46 half marathoners the last quarter mile to get to the finish line. 


    My PR has stood at just under 2:51 for FOUR YEARS until today.  Those 4+ minutes are pretty cool, even though nobody gets it except peeps like you on RA.  At one minute per year, I should be down to 2:26 or so by the time I hit retirement.

    - Joe

    We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.

      Congrats Joe!  Your perseverance paid off!


      Stellar performance!!


      Now, I've got to knock 3+ minutes off my time ...but that seems unlikely


        Well earned, Joe, congrats!

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          Good run that.  Nice to pick up the Masters win too, congratulations!


          not bad for mile 25

            That's fantastic Joe! I know you worked hard for it; well earned.


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              Congratulations Joe!





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                Awesome work! Be proud of that for sure! Congrats! Smile

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                  Wow, thank you, everyone.  Thank you so much!

                  - Joe

                  We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.

                    Amazing! You must be so thrilled! Congratulations.



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                      You knocked it out of the park! Very cool, that has got to feel good. Congratulations!


                        Wow, way to go, Joe! That's huge.

                          Amazing! Good job!


                            Congrats! That is quite an accomplishment. Bet you're still smilling.

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                              That is a great improvement. Way to go. Did you do something different during the build this time? I see you had a really high mileage October, but I don't know what your typical build looks like. Weight? Nutrition? Really, really nice job.

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                                Terrific!  That 4 minutes is really impressive -as is your over-all time. Congratulations.