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    Hi, Eric! I love the new avatar & sig feature you've added. One thing I've noticed, though, since that upgrade, is that sometimes - but not always - the posts on the forums will come up looking a little strange. Say the normal width of a post on the screen is 100 characters (I'm not going to count!!!). Sometimes a post - in the middle of a thread - will show up only 50 characters wide. And another at 30. And then a few at 100. And then another at 30. It's strange! And if I go back to the forum at a later time, it's not the same! I haven't seen any pattern to it. It just makes some posts look like long newspaper columns. It doesn't affect the functionality, only cosmetics, but I don't know if other users are seeing this too or not. Thanks, Janell

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          Ok...Janell...step away from the catbox fumes.... Big grin I haven't seen anything weird on my end, but I'm on a Mac using Safari, so maybe it's an OS/browser issue. k

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            Ok folks, be nice to Wingz. I've seen this during testing, and it's mostly due to things not refreshing properly. Try to force a refresh by pressing ctrl-F5 and see if the problem goes away. eric Smile
              It occurred to me it might be a Firefox/IE thing too, since I use Firefox about 90% of the time... And I promise, guys, I do my best to NOT sniff the catbox fumes...

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