Inverse option for graphs (Read 695 times)

    I had a look around, but can't seem to find a way to inverse the pace (or other data) on graphs so that the faster I run, the higher the pace goes on the graph. I think this would be useful as then there should be a direct relationship against heart rate rather than a mirroring effect - particularly good for interval training. Also, it shouldn't be (too) hard to implement.



      So what you want is a second axis with the number increases towards the origin?


        Is "Speed" what you're looking for?



          Simply put, I'd like a checkbox or other option so that pace would be reversed from it current fast pace near x axis moving to slow away from x axis to be slow pace (highest number) moving further away to fast pace (lowest number).


          just devin, you are correct, pragmatically this is met by graphing speed rather than pace, however, as runners, we all think in terms of pace - minutes per mile or kilometer; for example, I don't know many runners who contemplate running 16kp/h, but everyone will go for a 5 min/km jog.


            The graph is rendered using a software package.  It is not possible to invert the axis.  The only option is use speed.


            eric Smile

              Thanks for looking into this for me Eric. It's a great software suite.